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Need Legal Aid Solicitor (KENT)

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07 Oct 19 #509912 by Johankirchner
Topic started by Johankirchner
What do I need to do to undo a fraudulent divorce? I need to settle the financial order first?

Brief Outline of Reasons Supporting Request for Review

My Fraudulent EX- Wife altered / forged my divorce paperwork after I completed it to contest the divorce lies. I declined to complete the paperwork and decided to stop the divorce, but MY LOVLEY EX-Wife altered / forged my handwriting and submitted it without my approval and permission. I have a copy of the paperwork with I only are allowed to complete it, but it is clearly notifiable that it’s not my handwriting. MY LOVLEY EX-Wife fraudulently submitted and applied for a divorce without my approval. I haven’t sent any paperwork at all to the court nor have I signed any paperwork.
Fact: I completed the form without any errors and without any alterations!
Fact: I given this form to MY LOVLEY EX-Wife & her solicitor informed Viviane it was filled in incorrectly!
Fact: MY LOVLEY EX-Wife told me that the form needed to be corrected & I declined and informed MY LOVLEY EX-Wife that I am not continuing with the divorce!
Fact: I did not make the alterations to the document!
Fact: I did not submit the form to MY LOVLEY EX-Wife solicitor!
Fact: I did not give Viviane permission to submit the form!
Fact: I did not approve or countersign the alterations or agreed to the alterations!
Fact: There is absolute clear evidence and without a question of a doubt clear evidence that the alterations as done with MY LOVLEY EX-Wife handwriting!
Fact: MY LOVLEY EX-Wife confirmed that she made the alterations!
Fact: I sent you an email with the 2 differences between the 2 handwritings that clearly indicates that it’s not my handwringing!
Fact: I filled in the form without any errors and alterations!
Fact: MY LOVLEY EX-Wife altered this form and MY LOVLEY EX-Wife submitted this form, MY LOVLEY EX-Wife is the sole person that committed fraud.

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07 Oct 19 #509913 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
You can search for a solicitor by using this link from The Law Society - solicitors.lawsociety.org.uk/?Pro=True - for "area of practice" select "Family - Legal Aid"

It's important to understand that legal aid is not widely available for private family law cases. There are strict eligibility criteria, and you need to be able to prove you have been a victim of domestic abuse and then you will need to meet the strict financial criteria. Legal Aid is a loan, it is not free representation. You can check your eligibility here - www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid

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