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A Consent Order is a legally binding document that finalises a divorcing couple's agreement on property, pensions and other assets.

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How to choose

  • cinnamon
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15 Jun 07 #801 by cinnamon
Topic started by cinnamon
So what is the best way of choosing a solicitor? A year or so ago I asked friends and family and tried a local solicitor and he was useless, most of his info was out of date and I wasn't happy with his advice at all. He was very cosy and I think I need someone with teeth (if that makes sense). I have tried looking through the Law Society but there is too much choice. Any tips would be gratefully recieved.

  • Dockley
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  • Premium Member
15 Jun 07 #803 by Dockley
Reply from Dockley
Hi cinnamon,

I would def suggest you to go with a recommendation if you can. I persevered with a next to useless solicitor for nearly a year and a cost of £2500. I had used them before 6 years prior but when I went back the guy I had used had left.
In the end I tracked him down from 6 years ago (through the Law Society web pages) and he "has teeth" as you put it. He is accredited in his specialist field so i think that helps.
I understand this site is anonymous so I'm not sure how you would be able to get a recomendation off someone on here who may live in the same local area, but I'd def prefer to go that way if I could.

Hope this helps

  • wikivorce team
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  • Moderator
15 Jun 07 #804 by wikivorce team
Reply from wikivorce team

Well your question is incredible well timed.

We have just launched our solicitor directory and have invited around 1000 collaborative solicitors to enter their details.

We have tried to make the directory more "Searchable" than any other available. Each solicitor has to declare whether they:

1) Offer a free consultation
2) Are a specialist in Family Law
3) Accept Legal Aid
4) Are a member of the Collaborative Law Group
5) Are a member of Resolution
6) Encourage mediation

You can search for solicitors in your area by any combination of these features.

We also plan to add a comment or review feature so you can get recommendations from other wikivorce users.

  • Louise11
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  • Platinum Member
15 Jun 07 #805 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11
Its a complete nightmare trying to find a good solictor! I rang round, rang one, i said could we have intial consultation, with the solicitor? His secretary replied "do you intend on instructing him"? I said "i have no idea till we meet him"? She replied well you cant have a consultation with him then?????????? and promptly put the phone down!!! ROFL!!!!!
We rang one who suppose to be the top firm in our city, we asked "do you have fire in your belly" he replied O YES, i love to get my teeth into something and i charge £180+vat and hour! We employed him, FIRE IN HIS BELLY"????? More like a mouse in his belly! He just accepted everything other parties solicitor said without question! We say but what about the lies, the hidden assets blah blah blah, he replied o it doesnt matter unless we are talking millions here????? So after two and half weeks we say sorry can no longer afford you, Promptly sent us a bill for £2700.
Recommendation is really the only way to go!

kind ones

  • cinnamon
  • cinnamon's Avatar Posted by
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15 Jun 07 #809 by cinnamon
Reply from cinnamon
Eeekk, if recommendation is the only way to go! I have asked around until I am blue in the face but people only seem to be able to tell me about the useless ones. I do know that a neighbour is a solicitor(but not a family law specalist) so might go around and ask if there was someone she trained with that had the killer instinct. It's not that I want a fight, quite the opposite. I need someone who can truely represent the best intrests of the children and get what they need without me having to get as involved. After all isn't this what we are employing a proffesional for?

I have already looked at the wikivorce list but my area isn't covered yet. I'm prepared to travel to see the right solicitor

  • Athene
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  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
15 Jun 07 #814 by Athene
Reply from Athene
Asking the neighbour sounds a good idea if it's someone whose judgement you trust. I get the impression that lawyers tend to know each other and may hear who is really effective in negotiations and court. I recalled a friend from years back and asked for a recommendation. Different solicitors probably work well for different people - it depends on what you want. Other than that, I expect you've looked at solicitors' websites and googled. We're all working it out as we go.

  • cinnamon
  • cinnamon's Avatar Posted by
  • New Member
  • New Member
16 Jun 07 #821 by cinnamon
Reply from cinnamon
Cheers for the advice, I went to see my neighbour this evening and she has given me some brilliant recommandations. Really feel I have overcome a mental barrier here :)baby steps, hey.

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