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We are delighted to be able to announce the results of the Wikivorce Awards 2011/12.

Thank you to all the members who voted in our poll.

Best Professional Advisor - joint winners:

 Winner: .charles
   Winner: Tbagpuss

Charles was a previous winner of this category and his continued dedication to the cause has been recognised by the Wikivorce members once again. winner.jpg TBagpuss is another two time winner of this award. Wikivorce is very lucky to have the benefit of her extensive knowledge and experience in family law.


Advice on Finance Matters - joint winners:

 Winner: jonathancj    Winner: hadenoughnow

Since joining relatively recently Jonathan has generously provided a huge amount of support and advice to Wikivorce members struggling with divorce finances. winner.jpg  A long standing member and TeamWiki volunteer, hadenough has provided clear advice to hundreds of people who were confused about where they stand on the financial aspects of divorce.


Advice on General Divorce Matters - joint winners:

 Winner: cookie2
   Winner: hadenoughnow

 Cookie2 has been ever present in the forum over the last 12 months and is often the first to respond to unanswered questions with a warm welcome top new members and words of wisdom. winner.jpg  Hadenough somehow manages to find time to help Wikivorce members in the forums despite being busy looking after her kids, teaching, running her own business and helping with PR for Wiki.


Advice on Child Matters - joint winners:

 Winner: Forseti
   Winner: Mum2Boys

 Forseti has considerable knowledge on child issues and freely offers sound advice to Wikivorce members on the often difficult and distressing areas of contact and residence. winner.jpg  Mum2Boys also offers very good advice based on her own experiences which are of great benefit to Wikivorce members dealing with these very emotional issues.


Best advice on pensions - joint winners:

 Winner: ian conlon    Winner: Phil O'Connor

 Ian is an actuary and has strong experience of pensions on divorce which he has willingly shared with our members to cast some much needed light on this complex area. winner.jpg  Phil has now been helping advise members on Wikivorce for the last 3 years and his ongoing contribution is very much appreciated.


Best Advice on Self-Representation - joint winners:

 Winner: Dukey    Winner: Forseti

Dukey provides an incredible amount of advice and assistance to Wikivorce 'litigants in person' via the forums, as well as manning the free Wiki helpline.  winner.jpg  Forseti has helped many people who cannot afford a lawyer to represent themselves in court cases, particularly those concerning contact or residency.


Best Blogger - joint winners:

 Winner: JJones123    Winner: ScaryClairie

 JJ has shared his journey through divorce from start to life after divorce. His insight and positivism has helped many of our members, by providing them with the encouragement they need to keep going.
winner.jpg  Claire's open and honest blogs have been read by many of our members, who can relate to what she has written. She also takes the time to post supportive comments on other member's blogs. 


Most Supportive in Chat - joint winners:

 Winner: JayneEyre    Winner: DitchedAgain11

 Jayne is always welcoming and supportive in chat, making sure newbies settle in, and offering a friendly ear to those who are seeking support, often staying up late to help others. winner.jpg  DA has been a chat regular for many years, and is often found not just supporting others, but making them laugh and forget their troubles for a while.


Outstanding Contribution - joint winners:

 Winner: Fiona    Winner: RubyTuesday

 Since 2007 Fiona has posted an incredible 9000 replies to questions on the Wikivorce forum. Her depth and breadth of knowledge of UK divorce is amazing and she has helped thousands of Wikivorce members.
winner.jpg  Ruth has made an outstanding contribution by working tirelessly behind the scenes to keep the Wikivorce community running smoothly as well as advising people who call the free Wikivorce helpline.


Most Supportive Member - joint winners:

 Winner: Marshy    Winner: Mitchum

 Marshy is one of the original members and during his 5 years here has helped and supported many, many members. His support to others over the years has benefited Wiki-members enormously. winner.jpg  Known as everyone's Wiki-Mum, Mitchum gives a great deal of support to members, often "behind the scenes" and is always willing to listen, whatever the problem.


Funniest Member - joint winners:

 Winner: Hawaythelads    Winner: .charles

 His Royal Hawayness retains the honorable title of Wiki's offical comedian in residence - long live the king.
winner.jpg Charles has a knack of providing informative answers whilst at the same time demonstrating a keen wit and wonderful sense of humour. 


Most Informative Member - joint winners:

 Winner: Fiona    Winner: LittleMrMike

 Based on the astonishing number of replies posted, as well as the high quality of each and every reply, then Fiona is the undisputed queen when it comes to the provision of good advice and information on divorce. winner.jpg Mike has provided thousands of very useful and comprehensive answers to questions on the forum. The amount of effort that he puts in to helping others without a thought for himself is truly humbling.


Special Achievement - joint winners (x3):

 Winner: LittleMrMike    Winner: Rubytuesday

Mike is a very special member who has been with Wikivorce since the beginning 2007, and has helped thousands of people with his freely given advice and support.
winner.jpg  Ruby has been involved in Wikivorce as a member, volunteer, Community Manager and has still found the time to qualify with flying colours as a specialised legal executive.

 Winner: Dukey                                                                                    

Dukey lives in a different universe from the rest of us where a day has 48 hours. Nothing else can explain the number of hours he spends assisting countless Wiki members whilst still managing to do his day job, and eat and sleep, and pop to Asda.


On behalf of all the members of Wikivorce, we would like to thank all of the award winners for the tremendous contribution that they have made to the thousands of members going through this difficult process.

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