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The tools below have been developed by the Child Maintenance Service for Wikivorce members.

Calculator   Child Maintenance Calculator
  This easy to use tool can calculate the correct child maintenance due in just a couple of minutes (based on the Child Support Agency formula).
Family Based Arrangement   Budget Planner
  A budget planner is a simple way of listing all the things you may have to take into account when you’re working out how much money is coming in, and how much money is going out.
Discussion Guide   Discussion Guide
  This guide will help you prepare properly for a discussion with your ex about child maintenance or other issues.
Family Based Arrangement   Expenditure Calculation Form
  How much maintenance will your child need? This form can help you start thinking about the things you want to include in your family-based arrangement.
Family Based Arrangement   Family Based Arrangement
  This downloadable form can be used to set-up a voluntary agreement on child maintenance between you and your ex, thereby avoiding the need to go through the CSA or to court.