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Filling out the Forms

Application forms for family court orders are available from your local court or as PDFs from the Ministry of Justice website.

Completion of forms in children’s proceedings is determined by Part 5 of the Family Procedure Rules 2010.

· Form C100 is used only to start an application for an order under Section 8; if you want an additional order or directions in existing proceedings you should use Form C2.  Also use C2 if you need the Court’s consent to start proceedings (for example, if you are a sibling or grandparent).

· Some other Children Act applications, such as for Parental Responsibility, are still made using the older Form C1.  If you are unsure which form to use, ask at the Court.

· C100 replaces the old C1 form and introduces some new fields such as parties’ places of birth and previous surnames.  The purpose of this is to make identification of parties easier and to rule out ‘false positives’ in order to reduce delay.  It is therefore important to fill in all fields accurately or you will find the court process even slower.

· Form C78 is used to make an application to have a Warning Notice attached to a Contact Order;

· Form C79 is used:

Ø if you wish to apply for an Enforcement Order;

Ø if you wish to amend or revoke an existing Enforcement Order;

Ø if the Enforcement Order has been breached and you want the Court to take action; or

Ø if you wish to apply for compensation for financial loss.

It can also be used by the person to whom the Enforcement Order applies:

v if they want the hours in the order to be reduced;

v if they want the time allowed for the work requirement to be extended.

If you believe your child to be at risk of violence, abuse or abduction, you will also need to complete Form C1A.

The Court will provide you with guidance booklets CB1, Children and the Family Courts, CB2, Filling in the Forms and CB3, Serving the forms, and C1A Notes; these are also all available as PDFs from the website.  Once you have filled out the forms take or post them to the Court together with payment.

You cannot save a PDF which you have started filling out, so we suggest you write all your answers into a Word document and then, when you are ready, copy and paste into the online PDF and print the necessary number of copies.

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