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Just thought I would share my day with you.

Due to have my loft insulated tommorrow. Up in the loft when I suddenly found myself looking at the bedroom below. Yes you,ve guessed it, I had falling through. Added to this I was going to get my home valued ready for going to solicitors. But that is not all. I checked my home insurance policy and it is not covered. So I am left looking through the yellow pages for the quickest and cheapest plasterer.

Now some of you may think I am ready to find a nice strong rope, but no.

Why is this? Well after clearing up the mess , laying on my bed was a ring my 12 year old son bought me and which I thought I had lost in Scotland a year ago. I am so happy to have found it. The whole will be repaired, it will delay my plans but so what!

All I am trying to say is that even at the most difficult times ,it is sometimes easy to forget what is really important. Sorry if I sound a bit soppy but just felt I wanted to share this moment with all you lovely people out there.