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When you get divorced in England and Wales you need to agree on a fair financial settlement:

  • What happens to the home? Who will stay in it? Will it be sold? How will the equity be divided?
  • How will pensions be treated? Will they be shared?
  • How will savings and investments be divided?
  • Will there be any child or spousal maintenance payable? How much and for how long?

The area of family law that defines what is fair is known as Section 25 of the Matrimonial Causes Act 1973. For more information read our article How to calculate a fair financial settlement on divorce. The law is not prescriptive, it provides some guiding principals but leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This makes it very difficult for divorcing couples to get clear information on what they are entitled to.

Before you use the calculator please read about the method that the calculator uses.

The calculator stores the financial information that you enter in cookies on your PC.

This means that you do not have to input the information all at once - you can keep adding more information and running the calculation again.

Also you can run the calculator without entering the outgoings information, although you will get better results if you do enter the outgoings figures.

To start entering your information go to the Start Calculator page.