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Family Law (Scotland) Act 1985

The principles to be  applied, the sharing of the value of matrimonial property and factors to be taken into account in sections 9, 10 &11 respectively  are of particular interest.

(There are effects on this legislation that have not yet been applied to Statute Law Database for the following years: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.)

    1. 1.Obligation of aliment

    2. 2.Actions for aliment

    3. 3.Powers of court in action for aliment

    4. 4.Amount of aliment

    5. 5.Variation or recall of decree of aliment

    6. 6.Interim aliment

    7. 7.Agreements on aliment

  1. Financial provision on divorce, etc

    1. 8.Orders for financial provision

    2. 8A.Pension sharing orders: apportionment of charges

    3. 9.Principles to be applied

    4. 10.Sharing of value of matrimonial property

    5. 11.Factors to be taken into account

    6. 12.Orders for payment of capital sum or transfer of property

    7. 12A.Orders for payment of capital sum: pensions lump sums

    8. 13.Orders for periodical allowance

    9. 14.Incidental orders

    10. 15.Rights of third parties

    11. 16.Agreements on financial provision

    12. 17.Financial provision on declarator of nullity of marriage

  2. Supplemental

    1. 18.Orders relating to avoidance transactions

    2. 19.Inhibition and arrestment

    3. 20.Provision of details of resources

    4. 21.Award of aliment or custody where divorce or separation refused

    5. 22.Expenses of action

    6. 23.Actions for aliment of small amounts

  3. Matrimonial property, etc

    1. 24.Marriage not to affect property rights or legal capacity

    2. 25.Presumption of equal shares in household goods

    3. 26.Presumption of equal shares in money and property derived from housekeeping allowance

  4. General

    1. 27.Interpretation

    2. 28.Amendments, repeals and savings

    3. 29.Citation, commencement and extent


    Minor and Consequential Amendments



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