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Divorce Dictionary

Term Main definition
Emergency Protection Order (EPO)

Order made if the Court is satisfied that not removing the child to local authority accommodation or not keeping him there will cause him significant harm.

Equality of Arms

Principle in human rights law which ensures a party can present a case with being at a disadvantage vis-à-vis his opponent.

European Convention on Human Rights

International treaty of 18 articles to protect human rights.


Proof a litigant must provide to support his position.

Ex Parte (Latin: “by a party”)

Hearing at which only one party is present.


Questioning of a party’s witness.


Document attached to an affidavit.

Expert Witness

Authority in a particular field who can provide the court with scientific or technical information outside the experience and knowledge of the judge.

Extempore (Latin: “out of the moment”)

Judgment delivered by the judge on the day.