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Title Deeds and Home Rights

Title Deeds and Home Rights

When faced with separation or divorce people sometimes wish to know if they are on the Title deeds to a property. If you do not have a copy of the Title deeds to refer to, the Land Registry holds all records of who is on a propertys' Title deeds.

This web site provides information on Titles and how to apply to add your name to the Title deeds if it is not already on them. Just use the web sites' drop down menu under Forms & publications, go to Forms or Public Guides under this heading.

The relevent forms are HR1 to apply or HR2 to re-apply for your name to go on the Title in the forms section. And PG004 is the information about Protecting Matrimonial Home Rights under the Family Law Act 1996. They both open in a new window using Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can usually contact your local Land Registry office to get advice on how to get copies of your Title deeds and you can also do a search online (fee may be applicable).

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