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Hobbies anyone?

  • falls81
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  • Junior Member
30 Oct 17 #497278 by falls81
Topic started by falls81
Hi all, just seeing what hobbies etc people have to help them pass the time. Persoanally iv recently got into golf and am loving the progress i am making, good sense of satisfaction from it

  • polar
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
31 Oct 17 #497297 by polar
Reply from polar
Hobbies? I always say that all those who go to a gym dont work hard enough !! .

My personal hobbies are..if you can call them hobbies.

Rebuilding a 1936 vintage car. A long term project due to divorce ,kids and grandkids.
Attending to my 3 cats needs. (constant)
Looking after a large 4 bed house plus gardening on a large garden..
Collecting coins.
A decent long haul holiday every year plus city breaks.
I service and maintain my own cars.
I go out on the town at least once a week until the early hours and eat out at least once.
I even built my own conservatory in 9 days as a retirement gift to myself just to see if I could do it.(and saved £10,000.)

Much of my time however is filled like most peoples lives with an increasing amount of paperwork created mainly by governments rules regulations and any other crap they can think of. Has anyone else noticed that many things are being transferred to people rather than companies. Like taxing your car online reading your own electric meters etc.

Before I get attacked !! My life after divorce was abysmal. No money. Just had a heart attack. No social life. The recession belted me hard. I rebuilt and got back to the position I was during marriage. I then retired but I did all my hobbies listed above plus ran a business. Im busier now than Ive ever been and the gym is the last thing on my mind !!

  • saradanyal94
  • saradanyal94's Avatar
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  • New Member
18 Aug 20 #513739 by saradanyal94
Reply from saradanyal94
I am in my 20s, but I took up Knitting. I always thought it was an old lady thing, but well I love it. I only know how to make scarves now, as I just started, but hey, those will be my Christmas gifts to everyone!

  • el_johnstone
  • el_johnstone's Avatar
  • Premium Member
  • Premium Member
24 Aug 20 #513805 by el_johnstone
Reply from el_johnstone
My son and I snowboard together. I've also really gotten into cycling as I find it so cathartic. Plus, when my marriage failed I lost weight, then piled it all back on + even more (got to 16 stone). So a balance of cycling and running is a good distraction and has helped me lose a load of weight too

  • oli150194
  • oli150194's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
13 Nov 20 #514746 by oli150194
Reply from oli150194
I've recently got in tennis again after not playing for a few months.

  • LoveMyRascals
  • LoveMyRascals's Avatar
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
31 Jan 21 #515573 by LoveMyRascals
Reply from LoveMyRascals

I actually believe that some people benefit from regular exercise way less than others, so I can't tell you you're wrong for not exercising. Personally, I know it benefits me mentally and I need it to keep me calm and relaxed (still going through divorce) so for me it's definitely not a waste of time. I'd actually say, if you are stressed out from your divorce you definitely should try to burn up the "filght or flight" chemicals being dumped into your bloodstream and exercise is the only way to do that.

Sounds like you have put in the effort and are reaping the benefits - good on you! (Sorry to hear about your self-inflicted cats though ;)


  • b11
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  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
24 Nov 21 #518184 by b11
Reply from b11
that sounds good, are you still doing this do you mind me asking

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