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Cunning - Termination of employment!

  • Lolastheme
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13 Apr 12 #323549 by Lolastheme
Topic started by Lolastheme
This first bit is from ealier post 2 months ago - for background if you want to read.

I have just received my H form E through mutual disclosure via solicitors.
My sol has pointed out briefly that he has not supplied all docs.
Re bank statements. He has supplied only 1 complete month - missing a long weekend abroad with new girlfriend; then a complete break for Dec in the statement and a final page stating current bank balance. I submitted everything, 12 mths of all bank accounts. He is a high earner - £150k on P60; I have bipolar disorder and while I used to earn such money it is impossible now. I work 42 hrs a week for basic wage for 10 mths of the year.
He has had to do an IVA when we were married because I became ill (I had BP when we married in 2005 - cohabited from 2003) because unknown to me at marriage he was already some £160k in debt. I have paid £25k to a tax bill he had and signed out FMH over to him to sell to pay off his IVA. He started this divorce and was saying he would not pay anything. Now he wants a Clean Break, but his Form E says he has nothing. To complicate it, he is due to inherit approx. £600k in the near future - very near future. It is guaranteed as the Will is his grandmothers and she is in home with cancer and advanced vascular demantia. He is the Deputy Power of Attorney and manages her estate.
I believe he is stalling to wait for this inheritance. He has dropped my maintenance because ''he has no money'' apparently, but has taken 3 holidays with his new girlfriend and is soon to take 2 more in the next 2 months. His bank statement reveals £1700 spent on restaurants in 1 month! It simply doesn''t add up.
What do I do?


We''ve moved now to first hearing because both sol''s decided this was getting expensive - hmmm, suggested by his. So, hopefully he will disclose by then,but from what I read on here, there is no real pressure for him to do so.

Within a couple of days, I received a copy from his sol of his termination of employment - with immediate re-engagement. Basically it looks like a big re-org in his company. So he has new job if he wants or a compromise agreement - he is a Director of a very large Global IT company, salary £150k per yr.
He didn''t respond to the letter from his company (he was skiing) and his solicitor says he has another solicitor working on his contract.
I have a suspicion he is going to invest his ''pay-off'' in his GF company, which would potentially see him as a Director but without a specific salary. Or in a least self-employed.

Should I be pushing for him to confirm his employment or wait until first hearing? I have just been signed off work for 4 wks with anxiety (I have bipolar disorder - it is not the divorce but a crappy job/boss). I was working 42 hrs a week for £6.08/hr but also claiming WTC. I am doing everything by the book and he is being really opaque.

He says he needs £500k for a new house, when he going to inherit the one he lives in. Why do I feel like I am being really done over?

Ask questions, it''s all a bit complicated!


  • LittleMrMike
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15 Apr 12 #323841 by LittleMrMike
Reply from LittleMrMike
Hmmm - first thoughts are
1. It could just perhaps be that the '' stalling '' could be for genuine reasons. If a new contract is in the course of negotiation, the position may be unclear and you may end up with, say, a maintenance order which is (i) too generous or (ii) not generous enough. If he can afford some maintenance, there may be some merit in asking for an interim order or making an interim agreement unbtil things are sorted and it is clear what his salary is to be.
2. You mention about his grandmother. Wills can be changed at any time before death, and many parents are getting wise to the fact that any money they leave their kids ( or, more realistically, part of it ) could be taken by their estranged spouses. Until this lady regrettably does die, whether he inherits anything and how much is speculation ; when she dies it''s fact.
So the stalling may work to your advantage maybe ?


  • Lolastheme
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  • Junior Member
15 Apr 12 #323858 by Lolastheme
Reply from Lolastheme
Hi there,

I have since found out that he is back working, and that whilst his role has slightly changed I don''t think his basic terms and conditions have re salary etc.

WRT the Will. His grandmother was sectioned 4 yrs ago, and has been committed in a home ever since. That is why he is now DPA. It has been determined that she is incapable (by Doctors) of making financial Decisions. all the power over her estate resides with him. That is why it is so frustrating. He was able to make use of my inheritances, bring debt to my table and now just swan off into the future with his impending fortune. I only really want to be put back into the financial position I would be had I not leant him all that money during our marriage. I am still paying for that, on my own now.

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