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Can anyone help me please?

  • Primrosepetal
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30 Apr 12 #327378 by Primrosepetal
Topic started by Primrosepetal
I now received stbx form E and it''s nearly as mad as he is
Have been self-repping up to this point, but will now instruct a sol.
His form is so daft I hardly know where to start. on the questionnaire.
For instance his ''Income needs for the children'' £870 per month:laugh:
He''s only seen them 57 nights in 3 years and has never seen or spoken to the eldest or made any attempt to.
He hasn''t been paying the correct amount of CSA (Ltd Company)
Has taken trips to India, Morroco & Canada in the last year alone :angry:
But where it goes plain nuts is his attached statement at the back
It shows him transferring huge sums of money on a daily basis
31/12/08 £27,500
1/1/08 £4000
Into another account of his???
This carries on until he has transferred. 150k.
He is trying to claim that this expenditure has gone on ''in supporting the family''!!!!!
What?? £27,500 on New Years Eve?
We went to my mates and got plastered.
I went to my bank on Saturday and have the archive statements totally disproving everything that he said.
We were still together at this time, we didn''t separate until April 09
Don''t wish to sound in depressing but I left with just a rucksack & kids to live in a refuge have never had any of our possessions back, not bothered really just want baby photos.
But the worst thing is, I''ve got to see him!!
28th May FDR the thought of it makes me go jellyish.
Don''t know how to deal with this.
Any ideas?

  • TBagpuss
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  • Platinum Member
30 Apr 12 #327383 by TBagpuss
Reply from TBagpuss
OK. In relation to having to see him, if you have not already, you can contact the coutr and ask them about arranging for separate waiting rooms etc.

If you are goingto be represented remeber that you wil have your lawyer with you, so won''t be alone. You can, if you wish, also arrange for a friend or family member to coe with you for moral support . they won''t be allowed into the court room itself but will be able to be with you while you are waiting so you don''t have to risk being alone with him in a waiting area. If you get to court before your lawyyer, speak to the usher to let them know you are afraid to be in the same room as your ex. The usher may be able to fid a conference room where you can wait, or to direct you to somewhere else in the building you can ait away from your ex (and as long as the usher knows where you arem, the can make sure that your lawyer does, too!)

So far as the Form E is concerned, what you and your lawyer will need to do is to sit down and prepare a questionnaire a d request for documents.

The questins can include asking for copies of the bank statements of the account the money has been transferred to (these chould have been supplied already, but it sounds as though they havent)

You can ask for a break down of how the ''chldren''s neeeds'' have been worked out.

If he is saying he has spent £150,000 on ''supporting the family'' it is legiatimate to ask for btreak down of how the money has been spent, and to ask for receipts / documentary evidence in support for (say) all payments of £1,000 or more.

I would receommend that you instruct a solicitor immediately so that they can prepare the questionnaire as well as representing you at the FDR.

good Luck!

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