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What is the point?

  • Stingrayj
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06 Jul 12 #341559 by Stingrayj
Topic started by Stingrayj
I am getting so tired of this now, this never ending holding things up by that vile man who destroyed mine and our daughters’ future and memories.
On my solicitor’s advice we applied to court for a penal notice as my husband still hadn’t complied with any court order from March. So I borrowed £45 from my eldest daughter to do this and he was duly issued with another order to get his form E in by 2nd July….of course that hasn’t been supplied with pathetic excuses from his solicitor that “no doubt you will appreciate the difficulty in drafting such document given our client’s location and the nature of his employment he undertakes. In those circumstances we would expect in the interest of fairness and that proportionality that there will be no Application to enforce the penal notice”
Fairness?????? That man has dragged this out for nearly 2 years now because his view of marital assets differ from the law and hell, how dare I expect a fair financial split??
Then I get a phone call from my solicitor advising me not to enforce it and if I actually want to I will need to appoint a process server in Nigeria again…fat lot of use he was last time and I don’t have any money to do it anyway. What the hell was the point in it in the first place?
So he gets away with it again and will probably somehow manage to stop the Final Hearing due in August. He has me on my knees but give up??? No I won’t give up, even if I can’t see an end to this nightmare.

  • pixy
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06 Jul 12 #341561 by pixy
Reply from pixy

Wish I could say something useful but a hug will have to do. Hang on in there.

  • julie321
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06 Jul 12 #341562 by julie321
Reply from julie321

I really feel for you. People who tear their families apart have no conscience or feelings. I don''t know what to say except keep fighting, don''t let this waste mof space get you down.

Good luck.

  • Shoegirl
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07 Jul 12 #341643 by Shoegirl
Reply from Shoegirl
Hang on in there (())

  • Mitchum
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07 Jul 12 #341652 by Mitchum
Reply from Mitchum
Sting, you won''t give up because you have a strong sense of the justice you and your girls deserve.

It''s been a rough, tough journey to where you are today(literally!) and you won''t settle for anything less than you need and deserve. He''s lost his beautiful family though and you will always have their love and respect. See how they''ve stood by you every step of the way.

I know virtual hugs can make you feel better, so here are some more just to get you through another day.


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