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It''s all over...well nearly

  • Stingrayj
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23 Aug 12 #351322 by Stingrayj
Topic started by Stingrayj
Finally got everything sorted yesterday at Final Hearing...well actually didn''t even get before the judge!
Saw the smug b****** chatting to his barrister as I walked into the court building, I don''t think he had such a big smile when he left!
He was still refusing any maintenance for me even though his barrister told him from the off he would be looking at a joint lives order. So finally he agreed to sign over both properties, minimal CM for two years and me left with the debt and legal costs. I really didn''t want to face the prospect of him disappearing over the horizon and me chasing him for non-payment of maint....remains to be seen if he does actually pay the 400 a month for daughter.
I would love to have seen the look on Madam''s face when he returned to her and told her she wouldn''t be strutting around our house in Spain or the one here in UK.
So now the race is on to sell one of the houses as quick as possible so that my daughters and I can get some security in our lives again.
It''s going to take some time yet before I can wake up without worrying myself sick :(

  • sun flower
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23 Aug 12 #351326 by sun flower
Reply from sun flower
At least now you can take the next stage - you are back in control now - I think it is a huge step forward. Well done and good luck. sc

  • BirkenheadBoy
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23 Aug 12 #351449 by BirkenheadBoy
Reply from BirkenheadBoy
Congratulations on getting this far

It''s been a long hard road to get here, but at least the court side is over and you can start to rebuild your life.


  • somuch2know2
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23 Aug 12 #351450 by somuch2know2
Reply from somuch2know2
Congratulations on finding your end. Although its not really over financially until the house is sold etc- but its a great leap.

Life is definitely better on this side of the fence.

  • Action
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23 Aug 12 #351453 by Action
Reply from Action
Pleased to hear of the progress. It''s a huge leap forward after all you''ve been through. A bit spooky as I was thinking about you yesterday!

Good luck with the house sale (and choosing which one to sell). I''m still in FMH and can''t wait for it to sell now.

  • survive
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  • Platinum Member
23 Aug 12 #351460 by survive
Reply from survive
Sting... many congratulations :-):-D

At least the worst part is over now and you didn''t have to go before the judge... even better!!

Good luck to you, your future and the sale of your house

Survive x

  • MrsSadness
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26 Aug 12 #351964 by MrsSadness
Reply from MrsSadness
Sting, a bit of a newbie on here, and hope you don''t mind my popping in, but wanted to say congrats also, and also to say thanks! You actually brought a smile to my face: sleep deprived at mo, but posts like yours give me - just starting out and so struggling as a LIP - hope and inspiration. I hope I get my stbx face to look like yours did!!!!. Well done, it''s a hard battle for all of us, it seems. Anyway, forgive me for popping in here. But posts like yours keep me afloat at the moment so just wanted to say that. Cheers. Best of luck with the rest of it.

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