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Universal Credits - valid argument?

  • bumbag1
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20 Apr 17 #491268 by bumbag1
Topic started by bumbag1
I am currently in receipt of child tax credits and working tax credits, I work part-time. These benefits are taken in to account on form E etc as part of my income.
However they will be phased out by universal credit causing a loss of income as I have savings over £16k (pre marital savings) and will not be entitled to UC
Is this worth pointing out in a financial hearing, it will effect me and my income, by about 1/3 and although this hasnt happened yet, it will do?
Can potential loss of income have as much of an impact as potential earning capacity in these hearings?

  • rubytuesday
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20 Apr 17 #491269 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
How old are your children?

Is there any possibility of you counter-acting this move to Universal Credit and therefore a loss of state benefits by increasing your working hours and therefore your own income?

A potential loss if income is something that should be considered, but when it comes to state benefits, its not unreasonable to expect the person to seek to increase their own income and become less reliant on benefits.

I would have thought the £16k savings would form part of the pot, rather than it being yours entirely.

  • bumbag1
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20 Apr 17 #491276 by bumbag1
Reply from bumbag1
The 16k was placed in a unit trust before i even met my husband and is entirely mine.
The only thing we are in disagreement about is the value of the house and percentage of who should get what from the joint asset.
Children are 8 and 11
I work part time at the moment, and have applied for a two year part time course at uni to maximise my future earning potential (accredited post grad professional course) as I don't want to be reliant on benefits and maintenance, or skint! I gave up a well paid career to raise our family, it's not one I can easily get back in to now without extensive retraining plus no local vacancies (i have enquired)I will continue to work part time to fit in around this course and children. Just worried about the loss of income for the interim.

  • Visselly
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27 Dec 17 #498330 by Visselly
Reply from Visselly
To the OP (original poster)

I am in a similar dilemma. UC is currently being phased in in my area, and I stand to lose a huge chunk of my income - especially as I currently receive the disability element.

I have heard of so many people being reassessed and losing both the disability element of Universal Credit and also their Disability Living Allowance etc

How have things moved on for you? - Is your potential loss of income being taken into account?

Thanks for any update you can provide

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