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feeling let down by the system.

  • bobbysuper
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19 Oct 09 #155544 by bobbysuper
Reply from bobbysuper
it's not so much the representing myself i'm worried about it's the role of 'barrister' i'm not looking forward to playing. i've seen these guys in action and they are good at what they do.

i don't to any solace from the fact that others are in the same position as myself as it's a heartbreaking predictament to be in. the whole process is so slow.

it beggers belief how someone can make extraordinary alleagations and it takes the courts over a year to respond. if these alleagations had of been given to the police they would of wasted absolutely no time in responding.

i feel sick to the core and i feel so sorry for my daughter who is being mixed up in all this.

  • tom333
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  • Platinum Member
19 Oct 09 #155622 by tom333
Reply from tom333
It's not so bad, honest.
The things you must remember are,

That if you are in posession of the truth then you can only win, no matter how long it takes.
Barristers rely mostly on lies and jargon.
No matter how eloquent they are if you are the one telling the truth then you have the advantage.
I am by no means a scholar but I managed to embarrass and outwit at least two barristers in court.
I won every single one of my six cases.
Why? because I was the one in possession of the truth and the court saw that.

She will need proof for her allegations to be taken seriously by the court.

When you finally do see your child again all the stress and heartbreak will just evaporate into thin air,That I can promise you.
I wish you luck.

  • daleray
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  • Elite Member
19 Oct 09 #155681 by daleray
Reply from daleray
can you apply for interim contact until you can disprove the allegations?I had a two day fact finding case but my barrister didn't get to say much, i just had to listen to stupid questions and i was advised to keep my answers as short as possible.

  • bobbysuper
  • bobbysuper's Avatar Posted by
  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
20 Oct 09 #155864 by bobbysuper
Reply from bobbysuper
her allegations are extensive but lack any substance or proof. that's the reason we have a 4 day hearing because she goes back to the first day we met!

i will see my daughter again and the fact i'mm in reciept of the truth eases the pain slightly as she'll see through her mum when's she's older. i won't be the one to tell er anything but i'm pretty sure she'll work it out for herself.

just an awful situatuion to be in :S

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