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  • nbm1708
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11 Nov 09 #161308 by nbm1708
Reply from nbm1708

Did you ever get round to reducing his contact to half an hour from an hour?


  • Saturdad
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11 Nov 09 #161315 by Saturdad
Reply from Saturdad
nbm1708 wrote:

If you read through some of the posters other thread regarding name change etc you'll understand more why this is a case that was destined to end in court.

Ah, I see now, having read a few threads.

I'd better step away from this one. It will just make me angry, and very, very, sad.

  • Forseti
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  • Moderator
11 Nov 09 #161363 by Forseti
Reply from Forseti
nbm1708 wrote:

If you read through some of the posters other thread regarding name change etc you'll understand more why this is a case that was destined to end in court.

Of course; I was forgetting.

You can't help concluding that it's the wrong parent here asking for help.

  • johnnysack
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11 Nov 09 #161429 by johnnysack
Reply from johnnysack
I feel this is a case where the father should apply for parental responsibility

  • AnnoyedMummy
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14 Nov 09 #162034 by AnnoyedMummy
Reply from AnnoyedMummy
Just to add a few things.
First off, my ex stopped coming to see my daughter in August. This was his choice, and NOT forced by me.
I want my ex to have contact with my daughter, but he is very unpredictable, and even when contact was in place, he would fail to turn up, or turn up late, or turn up early.
I asked if he was willing to go to mediation again, to try and sort things out without court, but he refused.
I AM just in court for contact. My ex partner doesn't know about her name having been changed yet. Thats something that I will tell him in court.
My ex is a very vile man, but he is the father of my child. I'm not stopping contact. It would benefit my daughter to see him.
The name change may have been a bit hasty, but so what? I don't want to put my life on hold for my ex. Me and my partner are going to get married, and allthough it may be in a few years, I don't think that matters.
People on here seem to be against me for the most petty reasons.
I can gaurantee that I am younger than nearly all of you, yet thats not the way it seems from some of the reasons you seem to be against me for.
Parental responsibility would never be granted. One truely horric incident would ensure this.

  • Angelheart1962
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14 Nov 09 #162045 by Angelheart1962
Reply from Angelheart1962
Hi Annoyed Mummy, I have replied to some of your posts before, and I sympathise with you. Your ex seems selfish and uncaring, and I dont blame you for moving on.
I'm sorry you have been upset by some comments on here. The point of the forum is to get opinions/advice and we may not always like what is written. I daresay some people would condemn me too ( I want to take my children to live in the USA with my new husband). At the end of the day, no-one knows what your life is like, so it really doesnt matter if anyone approves or not. Just do what you feel is right for your daughter. None of us get a handbook with a child, we all have to live with our own decisions and explain them to our children one day, so hang on in there.

Love xx

  • Fiona
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  • Platinum Member
14 Nov 09 #162095 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
I suspected you and your ex were quite young. How old are you exactly?

If I remember correctly the Father is autistic and if that really is the case he may well lack intuition about others and their feelings which could explain why he appears selfish and uncaring. He can't help that, although it can make life difficult for others.

Very young children of separated families fare particularly badly. They need to know and understand their heritage and the problem with changing names is it can weaken a child's sense of identity which tends to lead to low self esteem, emotional difficulties and relationship problems later in adulthood.

That is also the reason why children need a meaningful relationship with both genetic parents. The problem with just one hour's contact once a week it is difficult to establish a bond. As I said above in my experience most contact problems stem from how much and when.

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