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CAFCAS - what will happen and when?

  • AnnoyedMummy
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20 Feb 10 #186830 by AnnoyedMummy
Topic started by AnnoyedMummy
At the last court hearing, the judge decided that CAFCAS needed to be involved. This was back in january, but I still don't know when we will see a CAFCAS officer. How long does it normaly take?
Also, what will happen when I DO see them? My daughter is only 18 months, so i'm guessing they won't want to talk to her directly? Do they come to your home, or do you go to them? Will they want to see my ex interacting with my daughter?
They are doing a welfare report, but what exactly is that?

  • Notgiving up
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20 Feb 10 #186849 by Notgiving up
Reply from Notgiving up
Hi there, I went to court back in sept 09, CAFCASS report ordered and time of 20 weeks given, End of Dec CAFCASS reported tha an officer was not allocated and the court granted an extension of a further 10 weeks. Sorry if this is not good news, It is extremely frustrating especially as I have just had the boys for the half term(9 nights) and no overnight was allowed since aug last year and it returns to the weekly drop off on sat and sun, with no reason again given why no overnight. When it suits her I get them overnight, frustrated

  • tom333
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22 Feb 10 #187142 by tom333
Reply from tom333
Normally they would come and see you at home with your child.
Then they will most likely make an appointment for you to attend their offices with the child and the father and child
will be seen there.
If he is applying for overnight contact then his accommodation will be inspected for suitability.

They are normally given 16-20 weeks to do their report but rarely make it in that time as they sre usually very busy.

A welfare report is usually refferred to as a section 7 report.
The guidlines for this are listed below and they will be checking that the criteria of the list are being met.

Welfare checklist.
a) The ascertainable wishes and feelings of the child concerned (considered in light of his age and understanding);
b) His physical, emotional and/or educational needs;
c) The likely effect on him of any change in his circumstances;
d) His age, sex, background and any characteristics of his, which the court considers relevant;
e) Any harm which he has suffered or is at risk of suffering;
f) How capable each of his parents and any other person in relation to whom the court considers the question to be relevant, is of meeting his needs;
g) The range of powers available to the court under the Children Act 1989 in the proceedings in question.

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