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Not allowing telephone access

  • great_dad12
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  • Junior Member
01 Jun 10 #206878 by great_dad12
Topic started by great_dad12
Hi all,

I fear I'm getting nowhere with my ex about contacting my daughter.

I appreciate some may be worse off here, but
currently I have tried to ring her every day at the set time her mum suggested a very long time ago. Last night was second day running, so I literally have no idea where my daughter is or whether she is safe or why I'm not being given the chance to speak to her for three days now. Texted her mum and gran asking where she is - no reply. Presumably taking the non interference clause her solicitor added to the nth degree, but that does say she cannot annoy me. Needless to say not knowing where your daughter is (she is 5) is a continuous worry and obviously extremely annoying.

This happens continually and is not the worst thing her mum has done by a long way.

A Separation Agreement currently states reasonable contact. I am wondering whether I can contest this as she is in continual breach of this agreement.

I do fear for her long term safety with her mum, she has made direct threats directly to her in the past that I won't see her, not withstanding what she put me through.

Wanted to know what are my options right now.

Do I speak to the police at this stage? I know this will happen again, it continually does.

I can't really afford legal fees (and still don't really see why I should just to speak to my own child) - I understand in a domestic violence case I would qualify for legal aid. The violence has not been physical I hasten to add here.

It is been 2.5 years now - it truly sickens me.

Any advice on what I can do at present greatly appreciated.

  • Chezziebell
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
01 Jun 10 #206966 by Chezziebell
Reply from Chezziebell

Try and stay calm about it.

It may be they were busy and 'forgot.' Or it may be that she is deliberately trying to frustrate the telephone access.

I don't know enough about the situation to understand why you might want to call the police and why you think she's not safe. Can you explain more?


  • wakiwooki
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  • New Member
  • New Member
07 Jun 10 #207859 by wakiwooki
Reply from wakiwooki
The thing is I'm on the other end of scale so there could be an easy reason why they are not availible. My ex calls my house,mobile everyday all the time and it is draining when all I want to do is take the boy's swimming, after school clubs, friends for coffee ect... In the summer months I find more and more difficult as more time is spent out and about.
I'm not trying to back her corner not by a long shot and if you had arranged a convinent time together to call then she should have kept it or let you know her plans! Not sure how far you live apart but if it is because of distance then letters are great (I wish my ex would do this more as we live miles apart) Hopefully your ex will then eencourage your daughter to draw (if she small) and send daddy a letter.
Try and stay calm though as if you seem to be too persistent then she will only get annoyed and this is how the arguments start. leave it for a day or so and call again I'm not sure involving the police unless you think daughter is at risk would help it would only upset too many and more importantly your daughter.
Hope you get to speak soon good luck

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