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section 7 report not independant

  • mixerman
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03 Apr 12 #321521 by mixerman
Topic started by mixerman
I have had a section 7 report done by a so called independant social worker? after receiving the report and finding that the statements she has made regarding my children are contradicting what the children are telling me. so after doing a bit of digging around i find that the social workers works with my ex partners best friend who is a social worker in training at the same office. I wrote to the court explaining this and questioned its independance. after the legal advisor questioned the social worker regarding it she stated she was not a friend but purely someone she knows in passing as a work colleague and nothing more. I stated to the legal advisor that the social worker has added her as a friend on her social networking facebook page. to which the social workers face dropped and she stated she considered it unapproriate that i have searched this information(free to anyone who is on facebook). the legal advisor stated she would ask the magistrates who were not listed for this case to make a decision on this. the magistrates read the section 7 report and stated they beieved it was in order and didn''t seem unappropriate. (they had not read my lengthy letter sent into the court which brought up a number of items which were omited mistated and misled. I asked the magistrates if i could ask them a question as the main argument is my daughter who lives with me and my 3 children from seperation are being recommended not to see each other.I asked the magistrates if these 4 children had indeed spent anytime together as they have read the report. all of them looked at each other and 1 said "no why have they" I told them they have and this was one of the issues i had with the report(it is misleading). they did not seem to care and take this finding very lightly. I am i think going to write back to the court to have my letter read by the magistrates which lays out the major discrepencies. I was originally asking for a "independant" social worker to question the children as i do have limited contact and explaing to all for children over a 4 month period that they cannot see each other when they want to seems a gross miscarriage of justice. any ideas greatly appreciated.

  • Fiona
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  • Platinum Member
04 Apr 12 #321688 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
An independent social worker is a social worker who works independently rather than being employed by a local authority or CAFCASS.

s7 reports contain various bits and pieces. Some bits document what you and your ex told the reporter. Other bits document interaction with the children. Finally, some bits document the reporter''s conclusions, the reasoning behind those conclusions and recommendations.

Generally there isn''t much point in complaining about a reporter. You can''t complain about the reporter faithfully documenting something that your ex or children said to the reporter. Just because they wrote down what both parents said, there is no presumption that you both told the truth. Children sometimes tell parents what they think the parent wants to here and the reporter something completely different. That''s why reporters meet children to ascertain their views.

When a report contains errors of fact or law the place to challenge these is in court. If you have a solicitor they will handle this for you.

  • mixerman
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04 Apr 12 #321708 by mixerman
Reply from mixerman
This social worker is employed by the local authority so would this make the report not independant then?

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