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Should I tell cafcass

  • Is123
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28 Mar 15 #458791 by Is123
Topic started by Is123
Currently in s7 report process. Was here 6 years ago - dad highly controlling. Have had increasing problems so took back to court.

He tried to get case thrown out to mediate instead ( but ican evidence he hasn''t done so) and appears to be stopping everything the court put in place that I asked for and which is written in the court order.

My only assumption is that my ex is trying to build a case I am a liar - his gAme to control me. I am really scared because of the stress I am getting paranoid about what I am missing re my own behaviour!

6 years ago it felt the same and I got to such a low point fI attempted suicide. Outside close family no one is aware of this. I have advised this time around that I am a victim of DV which I didn''t raise last time. Should I tell them of how serious this got last time or if I do, will this do more harm than good ...

  • rubytuesday
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31 Mar 15 #458975 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
Hello, and welcome to Wikivorce.

I''m sorry you haven''t yet had a reply to your post.

I don''t think it''s necessary to inform Cafcass of your attempted suicide - it was a long time ago, and doesn''t impact on your ability as a parent. I do think you need to ensure that you are being supported properly, and that your well-being is a priority so that you don''t end up in the same desperate, dark place you were 6 years ago. I do think it worth mentioning the DV.

What help and support are you getting? Are you in contact with a DV agency? Are you represented?

  • Is123
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31 Mar 15 #458993 by Is123
Reply from Is123
Thank you for replying.

Yes I do have a solicitor. She has been away following a bereavement.

Re dv agencies I made contact with women''s Aid on several occasions however they were unable to help on the basis no physical threats.

I met with Cafcass today and they confirmed my ex says I am the one who is controlling - so it''s both of us saying that I guess. I feel I have no where to turn to - every path I take to get help gets cut off.

What do I do ? My sol says sit back and take it ....

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