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considering other siblings in a CAO

  • aliceinwonderland02
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08 Feb 16 #473866 by aliceinwonderland02
Topic started by aliceinwonderland02
my ex wants to be difficult and have our son when it suits him completely ignoring whats best for my son, my other children or even the practicalities of what he is asking. Will the judge take into consideration the fact that my other children ( not ex partners) have begged me not to let him in our house anymore. Will the judge consider the fact that we are using a contact center at alternate weekends while my other children are with their father? this works out well for everyone involved EXECPT my ex who want to see our son more often and out of contact center which would mean coming to my house while my children here. This is not going to happen, the CAFCASS report has stated that contact should remain in the center in the interim but i want to stress to the judge that the hours/days ew have contact fit in with my other children. do they take other childrens wishs in the family into consideration?

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  • Moderator
09 Feb 16 #473885 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
Why would your ex need to come to your house?

You could arrange it so that you drop your son off either at your ex''s house or at a pre agreed meeting place.

How old are all the children?

How long have the current arrangements been in place? Contact centres are usually only seen as a temporary transitional arrangement rather tahn the long term answer.

How long before it is planned for your son to saty overnight at his dads?

  • aliceinwonderland02
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09 Feb 16 #473892 by aliceinwonderland02
Reply from aliceinwonderland02
ex has asked he comes to house to collect our son , have him for 2 hours every day then return him . my other children are 10 and 14. my ex lives in a shared house so its not appropriate . i think his only intention is to make himself look better to people - " ive got my son everyone look at me !" kind of attitude. he hasnt got my sons best interest at heart at all he is just keeping up appearances. our son is 5 months old and not a trophy ! he is unfamiliar with his father and has never even met his fathers family( through there own choice) so to collect him, take him to his familys house and be away from me while he is still nursing i think is not fair to him. there has been abusive messages sent to me and my 14 year old by his family so me going there with our son is not an option. i can remain close by at the contact center and i dont have to disrupt my other childrens routine of an evening. im planning on keeping things as they are until our son is at least 1 and fully weaned, has become more familiar with his dad, his dad has been told to complete parenting classes, drug testing and anger management and when that is completed will also be considered . over night is not an option until he is 2 and his father has suitable accomadation and a risk assessment has been done .
does that sound fair ?

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