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CSA Advice

  • bigmick
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20 Aug 12 #350634 by bigmick
Topic started by bigmick
Hi all - been off here for a while but hope someone can offer some support.....

Two daughters who live with ex-wife. Eldest off to uni soon so apprently her CSA money stops the first week in September leaving one duaghter for CSA payment (aged 15) who stays with me 2/14 days.

I plan to move in with new partner (fiance actually :-))and her three children in October - what effect does that have - if any, on my CSA payment to my ex?

My fiance''s ex has recently started to pay maintenance for their three children (after four years of not!).

My new partner currently gets WTC/CTC but I understand if I move in my gross income is taken into account (even though half of it goes to my ex each month) and it will take her over the threashold for them.

My approaching marriage does not affect her ex''s responsibility to py maintenance for his three children does it?

Money is all so tight and all these issues are important as we do not want to be a lot worse off and have even less to support the all the children we have and try and do our best for.

  • Felixstowe
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20 Aug 12 #350660 by Felixstowe
Reply from Felixstowe

Working tax credits will be affected if you move in as they are based on the families earnings. The csa that you pay towards your ex will be reduced as they take other children in the home into account, sorry not sure how much but you can google it. Your fiancé children''s dad will continue to pay the same amount for his children.

  • Fiona
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  • Platinum Member
20 Aug 12 #350704 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
Currently the CSA will add your new family''s WFTC to your assessable income if your income is greater than your new partner''s and then from that figure deduct 25% to allow for three children living in your household. The usual calculation of 15% minus deductions for overnights is then carried out to work out your CM liability.

In October the new CSA gross income scheme is due to be implemented. The deduction for 3 or more children living in the non-resident parent''s household will reduce to 19% to reflect the fact that CM is calculated using gross income rather than net income. Initially only new cases will go onto the new scheme with older cases being transferred later. I don''t know whether or not reassessed cases will be transferred to the new scheme until later..

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