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Return to Full-Time work - effect on CSA payments?

  • ThisCharmingMan
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24 Aug 12 #351679 by ThisCharmingMan
Reply from ThisCharmingMan
It''s a valid point, survive. However - and this is just my opinion - I think having more money coming in (she''s comfortably off anyway) is outweighed by the benefit of having Mum collect from school gates and do "stuff" with them in the afternoon - homework, cooking a meal etc - than being plonked in front of a childminder''s TV until 6pm.

Anyway, my OP was answered, so no requirement for a debate on the rest of it :-)Can close now.



  • Chained
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24 Aug 12 #351726 by Chained
Reply from Chained
I am with stepper in this one.

I work full time, ex works full time but earns more (almost double). I know I am entitled to CM but have never and will ever claim it. Why would I?

We both pay for the things that our son needs when with us and we share the expensive items. Sometimes he would buy extras and won''t ask for my share, but this is because I make him coffee when he drops him off ;-)

Having money paid to ME supposedly for our son since there is no reason for it I find it a bit weird, to say the least.

I don''t even understand the logic behind the whole thing, not to mention the consequences this has on contact arrangements when the mothers (mostly) realise that by sharing contact with the NRP they lose money they make a good living out of.

  • survive
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24 Aug 12 #351730 by survive
Reply from survive
The logic is, children cost money. And not all parents earn enough to support a roof over their childrens head, day to day living costs, bills, activities, food clothes etc (even if they do work). And some parenst which ever the gender will use contact as a means of finnancial gain, but this works both ways, some NRP may fight for increased contact so as to reduce CM.

Children cost money regardless and for many of us who don''t have civil, amicable decent exes who will share expenses costs such as clubs, residentials, tutors, kit, new uniform Etc. then the CM is a way of survival or helping keep the children. If you are lucky enough to not need it then that is great, but many of us do :-)


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