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welfare of the children worries me.

  • BewilderedBob
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09 May 13 #392657 by BewilderedBob
Topic started by BewilderedBob
Hello again.

My question this time is what if anything can i do about the welfare of my children whilst they are living with their mother.

The reason i ask is that since leaving the FMH in december and moving into rented accomodation she keeps them up late which i can overlook on weekends but they regularly tell me thay stay up or out at the wifes friends house till late..sometimes until 10pm.
The children are 12,10 and 7 and in my opinion need the stability of the routine they once had.
Another more disturbing reason is that my middle girl told me that on a trip to drop off the wifes boyfriend some 15 miles away they took the eldest childs friend along (also the son of the stop out till late friend) which made me think...4 kids, 2 adults...hmmm someone wasnt strapped in.
I asked the middle child who wasnt wearing a seatbelt and she said ''None of us''.
I took my wife to one side later on during a quiet moment and asked her why she had done this and explained that at the very least she would have got points, lost her licence and her insurance was invalid but at the very worst if an accident had occured all four heads in the back would have bounced about all over the place probably doing serious or fatal injury.
i drive for a living and have had to watch videos etc on this kind of thing.
She just claimed she wasnt aware of it and it would not happen again and she didnt want to take the extra friend anyway!
There are plenty of other concerns also sucgh as hygiene issues but im not going to list them all.
But my point is , I''d like to think that when the kids are with her she is acting in a responsible way with them but it would seem she is not so is there anything i can do about it?

Thanks again if you have any advice or comments.

  • MrsMathsisfun
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  • Platinum Member
11 May 13 #392837 by MrsMathsisfun
Reply from MrsMathsisfun
Unfortunately unless you have enough evidence that the children are at physical risk not alot you can do.

My husband ex ideal of parenting is of a very low standard. General lack of care. Puts her needs first etc. But there is very little my husband can do.

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