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  • Marshy_
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07 Oct 08 #54391 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
Your right. There is loads worse off than you. In the bad times I count my blessing that I am almost over it now. It has taken a long time but it was worth it. Yes it probably was a sham and you were probably lied to. But the good news is that you found out when you was young enough to start again and you have a job etc. I know its hell right now but its only been 3 months. That is nothing after 15 years. A house is just bricks and mortar. The memories of bringing up yr kids etc are in yr head. Not in walls. So dont fret about leaving your house. You will start to feel much better when you are settled in a new home. Then you can start the bussiness of renewal. But this time you can do things differntly. Think of all the nice things you can do in yr home. Get it the way you want it. I used to lay in my sleeping bag and dream of what my home would look like. What curtains what furneture etc. Now I have it. I am living the dream and so will you soon.

Change is part of life. And this is just change. Best ones. C

  • mizmagoo
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07 Oct 08 #54395 by mizmagoo
Reply from mizmagoo
So what curtains go with a green leather sofa then, cos I've not a clue lol.

  • marriaa
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07 Oct 08 #54409 by marriaa
Reply from marriaa
you are still going through the greiving process so you need to allow yourself time.Cry and scream when you feel like it .Sleepless nights is just part of it ,please do not take Diazepam,you are solving one bleep and going to cause more problem for your self aome way down the line.If you need help it is better to go on anti depressant,use over the counter sleep pills.
Do not live a place where you belong.You will find the courage to go out one day and do not care whether he is ther or not.I am talking from experience ,I live in a fairly small city,felt smaller, at first I avoided to go to our famimiliar placces,he is well known here too.Then I realised that I done nothing wrong and started to do and go places I used to .Once I bumped in him,we were not talking but he decided to introduce himself to my friend.I manged to maintain my composure.
Take care ,it will get better

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