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  • Sals45
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11 Sep 07 #3191 by Sals45
Reply from Sals45
Glad to hear you have a priority in the game plan..but realise the implications of your proposed financial attack at the same time.

You don't want an attack, counter attack situation, because the longer this goes on who will get hurt the most...Her..You..?

Or the Children..


  • tiesys
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11 Sep 07 #3196 by tiesys
Reply from tiesys
The fact is she is being incredibly dictatorial about the kids, money, finances.

She seems to think she can walk out on a 16 year relationship as if we were just some boyfriend/ girlfriednd thing.

The divorce is going to be incredibly messy.

I feel for my son; he has been left behind and for no good reason. The girls are being brought into the fold.

My wife will lie, cheat and steal all she can just so that she can show her family she will not weaken.

At the moment, all she wants is for me to jack the house in and ride off into the sunset; she doesn't believe in the idea that we identify a pot of assets and liabilities and split whatever is left 50 - 50.

I guess when she sees the reality, she will be looking at owing me in the region of £200 -£300k.

Hope she thinks the marriage was that crap that it's worth it!!

  • Dockley
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13 Sep 07 #3348 by Dockley
Reply from Dockley
Hi Tiesys, all

My son went to live with his mother and sister when they left the FMH many months ago.

To cut a long story short, I then met a NP, shortly followed by my ex meeting one. We are stll together and so is my ex with her NP.

After about 7 months, it became obvious that he was affected by the break up. My daughter has showed no outward signs although I believe she too has been affected.

His behaviour took a dip so all 3 of us sat down to discuss the issues. The outcome was that he came to live with me and still does.

Contact with her then became very limited despite an arrangement being put forward by my solicitor. This was never acknowledged or agreed.

I assumed things would maybe settle down after the divorce. This became a long drawn out messy nasty affair but is now all over.

We have also lost the FMH in the last few weeks as this was sold as part of the settlement.

My sons behaviour has taken a dip again as I think he is dealing with too many losses. I thought he was coming to terms with the break up but he really really does need contact with his mum and she just wont do it. There have been times when a month has gone by with no word from her. He still tries to contact her and I just dont know what to say to him about this.

I am at a loss what to do. Me and my family are bearing the brunt of his frustrations and not the person causing them (maybe he is frustrated at me too for not loving his mum anymore, I dont know)

Can anyone suggest the right way to go about getting him some counselling? I dont know where to start. I was worried about asking the school in case he though his friends knew about it. I know he is suffering and think he needs to talk to someone, he wont open up to me, just gets more angry.


  • Fiona
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13 Sep 07 #3349 by Fiona
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  • sexysadie
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14 Sep 07 #3361 by sexysadie
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