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  • reuben001
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25 Jun 12 #339119 by reuben001
Topic started by reuben001
If one of my chidren lives with me and one with my ex how does maintenance work. My ex earns more than double what I do. Will he still have to pay some mainenance for my son living with me. Also.....if my ex loses his job but has savings plus rental income from another house he rents out will I still get some mainenance?

  • BoysMum
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25 Jun 12 #339124 by BoysMum
Reply from BoysMum

The CSA rates are 15% of income for 1 child.

Yes, of course your ex will have to pay for the child who lives with you, as you will have to pay your child who lives with him.

I am afraid i can''t answer your question about his savings/rental income ect should he loose his job :S

No doubt somebody will be able to advise you on that''

  • epitome title
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25 Jun 12 #339125 by epitome title
Reply from epitome title

One of my children lived with my stbx when we split up and the other stayed with me, at the time my stbx earned at least double my salary but because we didn''t go down the line of actually getting divorced until a number of years later (we reconciled three times) but he never gave me any money for our son, he said he had to pay for our daughter - even though my daughter was 14 years old and had a part time job my son was 11 and obviously did not.

We are now going through the court route for financial settlement (FH in September) and the children are now adults but when his hot shot barrister attempted to character assassinate me at the FDR and this point was raised, no one seemed to think it was strange that having one child each, he then did not pay towards the younger one who was with me, even though stbx''s salary was more than mine at the time

Depending on how old your children are at the moment I would say that your ex should contribute towards the child who lives with you given that he earns more than you, however if he loses his job, it may not be so clear cut - trouble is with maintenance is they can only pay if they have the means to

Not sure I have given you a satisfactory answer, but just sharing my experiences

Kind regards

  • reuben001
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26 Jun 12 #339188 by reuben001
Reply from reuben001
Thank you for your help. Lgically we should pay maintenance to each other based on our salary, we will see what happens!My ex has moved into my childrens school area (I live 10 mins drive away)so my daughter is staying over more and more. I am sure at some point my ex ask is going to question the maintenance he pays which he has every right to do. I am sad she is staying with him so much and pulling away from me but I can''t stop it he is her father. It was 10 years before we got divorced we ended up in court fighting over money. Lucky for me he had lied so much about his finances the judge saw right through him and the judge also took into consideration his inheritance amount from his parents. My ex has also told me he is on final warning at work and could lose his job within 3 months he does have rent income from 1 1/2 houses.

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