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Cold weather approaches!!

  • madaboutcars
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05 Nov 07 #5920 by madaboutcars
Topic started by madaboutcars
I dont think there is much that i can do about this but i need to offload!!!!!!!!
We have a 3 year old daughter and my x2b has had another baby by her current partner about a month ago.
The last few times i have collected my daughter for contact (about 6pm ish)she has been handed over with a short skirt and ankle socks (no tights!!) and without a coat.
Last weekend i went out a bought some clothes for my daughter to keep at mine, i.e tights, trousers, jumpers and a coat.
The thing is, do i say something? My x2b has bipolar and for those of you that have been there, its not nice to be around.
I dont know whether my daughter is being neglected or whether they (the grown ups) are just to busy to dress her properly for this weather.
If i say anything, she will explode but then i cannot let this continue.
I dont know if its a hint for me to buy clothes for her, which i have but in all honesty, the clothes remain at mine.
Any advice would be greatly received.

  • sexysadie
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05 Nov 07 #5921 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
It could mean anything. Lots of little girls don't like wearing tights as they are almost always either too long or too short as they are always growing. So she may have dressed herself in unsuitable clothing. She may also have been difficult with her mum about what she was going to wear (they often are at that age).

It is good that you have bought her some warm clothes but if you really think she needs them they should be where she is most often, i.e. at her mother's. It would be really sad if she only had a warm coat when she saw you, not every day for school.

Don't say anything, just send your daughter back with her new clothes, and, next time you pick her up, send her to put her coat on before you leave.


  • Tinny
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05 Nov 07 #5928 by Tinny
Reply from Tinny
Kids just dont seem to like wearing warm clothes etc. My youngest "forgets" to bring his coat home from school and doesnt seem to feel the cold.

I agree with what Sadie has said. Send the warm clothes home, at least you know she has them. Its frustrating i know, my Ex sends the kids to me wearing clothes he wouldnt take them out in. I buy clothes for them and youngest has clothes at my house which disappear to Ex's and only come back if they are wripped/torn so I have to keep replacing.

Ive thought the same as you that it might be a hint that new clothes are required. I tend to pick up things on a regular basis to replace in small amounts rather than having to do a big shop.

Sorry i have no experience of bipolar (I think) so cant help you there.


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