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No access after two years help!

  • box clever
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29 May 12 #333856 by box clever
Topic started by box clever
Really need some help!
After a Absolute nightmare divorce, with a sprinkle of just about everything you can imagine, I am now entering the nightmare of getting my child contact restored.
My ex was arrested for a multitude of various frauds during the divorce process , I alleged upon myself.
At this point she stopped my access to my two children. Long story short after a year long investigation no charges were brought by Cps although their closing statement was pretty dambing .
I haven''t seen my babies for two years, my solicitor advised the waters were messy enough without dragging the children into it.
Wait for the divorce to complete. Unfortunately due to her non compliance and two commital hearings for contempt on her part it dragged on for another year.
I saw my son at Xmas, I went to his school fair and bumped into him. He lied at first saying it wasn''t him, he''s ten .
Then he opened up. We sat and had a drink for half an hour, he sobbed the whole time saying he missed me and when would he see me again. It was heart breaking. I had to leave him in the care of the teacher.
At the commital hearing , after she abused me in the waiting area infront of the security gaurd we had a meeting. Infront of my council she said she wanted me to start seeing the children.
My solicitor recommended mediation. She declined saying nope the children need a father.
The following week I called her and asked if I could pick my son up from school. She said this would be ok, but he was ill, she would phone the following Monday. No call, so I rang her twice. No answer, later receiving an email stating not to pester her over access.
I have emailed her since, she claims I slated her and her partner etc. I made it clear I have no interest in there lives, wished them well and just want to see my kids . She continued asking questions how would I cope when they had difficult times at home, that sort of thing. I didn''t respond as I knew we were getting nowhere. Just dragging more time out so they could brainwash them further.
My daughter has stated she hates me for trying to get her mum put in prison. She''s 14 soon.
So my question is this, do I go all guns blazing, there have been some terrible incidents involving her new partner and myself , and things the children have told me. Or to speed the process up do I take a mellow stance and just try to be amicable. I have written to social services in the past so it is on record.
Footnote my mum, their man is at endstage M.S.
Hence time is of the essence.
Please help..........

  • jslgb
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  • Platinum Member
29 May 12 #333862 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
My opinion would be to tread softly to speed up the process in terms of the children interacting with your mother which i imagine at this stage is of the utmost importance. You can go in all guns blazing at a later date should the need arise but the most important think would be to restart contact on any basis.

This is just my opinion though, i''m sure someone will be along to offer advice from a legal stand point.

Good luck!

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