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Can STBX change schools?

  • mumtoboys
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27 Aug 12 #352121 by mumtoboys
Reply from mumtoboys
it is worth considering this from a long term perspective for the sake of your son, rather than the convenience of the adults involved.

the problem I forsee if you leave your son in his current school is the move to senior school for year 7. As mum is resident parent on the other side of town, it will be mum''s address that is used for deciding which school he attends in the future - what you need to be asking yourself is whether or not your son is likely to be moving up with people from his class or whether his new address will exclude him from the school his primary classmates will attend. I would suggest that if he''s not going to get into the same senior school as the rest of his classmates, a school move now at age 6 will be easier to swallow than it will be at 12. Much will depend on his personality, I guess.

You should note that you risk prosecution if you use your address and postcode where the child isn''t ordinarily resident to enrol him in school. It seems to be increasingly the case that parents have to show evidence of their address as part of the enrolement process.

  • downland
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27 Aug 12 #352136 by downland
Reply from downland
I have to agree with the longer term considerations of secondary school. My son was moved in his last two years in primary (problems with teacher - he was much much happier in new school).

However, it did mean that when he moved on he moved on to secondary on his own. He did not want to go and got into the mind set he would not make new friends and would not be happy - despite the fact that he agreed it was the only secondary out of a choice of 4 that he would even consider.

Took about 6 months plus for him to settle in and only in year 8 did his confidence return.

All this may seem a long way off with your son at age 6, and yes, anything can happen in the meantime, but time goes very quickly so please think in the longer term for your sons sake.

  • Stumpylad70
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27 Aug 12 #352192 by Stumpylad70
Reply from Stumpylad70
I dont know exactly where she will be lving in the future. But to be honest the other side of town is full of apaches and junkies. I think she would rather he was at school over here if possible. Neither of us would do anything fraudulent in any way.

I am not just thinking of my sons education, but his upbringing too. Believe me, where I am now is full of professionals. Over that other side.... Well, not so much shall we say.

I just wasnt sure if I had any say on the matter. My son is a bright little boy. I want him to have every advantage possible. Not be packed off to a school filled with barbarians.

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