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Has a NRP and a RP ever fount eachother on WV

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
08 Sep 12 #354573 by dukey
Reply from dukey
It has happened in the past but its far from common, i can only think of two maybe three, and yes a couple of them got quite nasty, i suppose its one of the reasons the site is so heavily moderated (sorry about that HRH).

Rose is right, in fact even though i think i was a decent husband i bet my ex has a whole different story, who would be right, we are both biased.

What is far more common is couples who are both on site know who each other are and are happy about it, they both want some help sorting things out, this is actually good, if it saves them some money eases the stress then wiki is doing what it set out to do.

If any member is concerned their ex will find them on site then do as Sadie suggests keep detail sparse, make sure you can`t be identified, if you need the answer to a very specific questions that you feel would "out" you then send it to a member you think can answer it by private message, look for the high volume posters, even if the one you pick can`t answer they will probably know who to ask.

  • MrsSadness
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  • Elite Member
08 Sep 12 #354595 by MrsSadness
Reply from MrsSadness
Dear ffc1991 - I am one of those obliged to ''fly under the radar'' as pretty certain stbx masquarades as a guest, which clearly prejudices my case. Knows my writing style, et al... My case is very unusual, so even been unable to ask any questions, until today. I just kept it as general as I could, and Dukey''s reply is spot on.

I have never pm''d one of the experts on here, since didn''t want to bother them, when their time could be used elsewhere to help someone more worse off than me... but will start to do so, since though I like to share, sadly my case is rather tricky and unique,so need to be selfish here since need the anonymity in my strange case henceforth!

So ffc1991, best to pm - especially in case of DV - which judging from your post, it may be a case of. Sorry if I am wrong.

May I do that to you, Dukey, sorry, Sir Dukey, from now on, re earlier post! LOL! Haven''t a clue how to pm you, my end! Will fathom it out today!

But back to you OP, keep stuff as anonymous as poss, in that just ask general questions, no emotion, just factualif identification by another is a concern for you. And take Dukey''s advice to pm other wikis. ( if only I knew how!) LOL.

Hope this helps, ffc.

  • SilverFir
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  • Platinum Member
08 Sep 12 #354596 by SilverFir
Reply from SilverFir
I think I''d be quite easy for my Ex to identify on here if he read through some of my posts (because the circumstances are less common). Fortunately if he is reading them, he is choosing not to attack me here (unlike on another forum where he stalks & trolls my posts regularly).

What is important is that I cannot definitively be identified from my name or posts, it would just be his presumption that SilverFir is his Ex. So it''d be hard for him to use anything written on here in any negotiations, as there is no proof.

  • claremarie14
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  • Junior Member
08 Sep 12 #354598 by claremarie14
Reply from claremarie14
Yes!!! It happened to me (since changed details) It was used as a stick to beat me with. My advice keep things vague and don''t talk about specifics! Which is rather difficult if you need some advice :(

  • ffc1991
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
08 Sep 12 #354599 by ffc1991
Reply from ffc1991
Tbh I only started this thread as an off topic thing really. it has no real relevance to me. Like I''ve said if my EX came on and saw ffc1991 she''d instantly know it was me especially as my posts are pretty detailed, for example my last court appearance and what happened.

@ Mrs Sadness luckily for me no allegations have been made or anything of the sort, from what I can actually gather my case is one of the most simplest on here. CAFCASS or anyone like that aren''t involved in my case at all. Only reason i''m in court is because my EX really believes and believed 1hour every 2 weeks was sufficent. Sheel ignore all advice by mediators etc and sticks to what she believes which is fair enough but ofcourse 1 hour every 2 weeks for a near 1 year old is crazy. She was quite frankly told this at our last court date and her solciitor was practically forcing her to agree to things.

Part of me wishes she''d stumble across this forum to see some of the stories of kids being affected so badly that Dad''s give up or even cases where quite frankly Dad''s couldn''t give a monkies.

@Dukey Really? That''s personally a surprise to me that they both willingly post on here. Has this happened in actual cases where child contact is a dispute? I can possibly see how it could work in Divorce proceedings financially etc, but if things have gone as far as court I couldn''t imagine both posting and getting along.

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