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School meals

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26 Sep 12 #358010 by WYSPECIAL
Reply from WYSPECIAL
Ask school for an appointment to discuss it so he has chance to go too. That''ll be awkward for him as he''ll have to make arrangements so he can attend or lose face.

Send kid round with a couple of carrots some apples and a few ounces of cheese then let your ex hang his head in shame.

  • jslgb
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26 Sep 12 #358018 by jslgb
Reply from jslgb
Does he pay for school dinners for the two days he would have to provide lunch anyway?

I think its a very irresponsible and pathetic approach to be honest. What parent would dispute your decision when your child is going without a meal?

  • carer
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26 Sep 12 #358024 by carer
Reply from carer
Hi Jess,

I would tell Ex to make his own appointment with School to discuss the food issue and either provide the (very small) amount of food for the two days - or ask him for an invoice for both days showing a breakdown of costs and you will consider paying it.

Unless there really is a question of finances and your Ex is poverty-stricken then he should be ashamed of this nonsense.

I would also consider getting some help from School perhaps about the issue of food - maybe they could have tasting sessions as part of a lesson to help. If you dont nip this in the bud soon the patterns of eating food will become entrenched and difficult to change when your child gets older.

One of mine was picky and we had ''taste test tuesdays''! Child had to put the food in mouth - but didnt have to eat or chew it - it was just to get used to the texture because that is all it is really - they havent even tasted the food they just dont like the feel of it!


  • veryniaive
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26 Sep 12 #358033 by veryniaive
Reply from veryniaive
Thanks all

I pay for school dinners - £2.50 a day!!! Not sure what they serving up as he doesnt eat it anyway!!!!

no money not a problem, just a way of keeping up contact with me I think.

My issues are endles. Have not been on for ages - used to be a regular, can see me being once again....

I have told him to speak to the school himself as I have already and maybe he will understand then if its not just coming from me.

I have a very close r''ship with my little boy - tbh I am the only one he spends time 1 to 1 with. We have weekends where he tries all sorts of different food and I get him to help me. I have always thought it is the one thing in his little life that he can control because lord knows he has no consistency with anything else

This weekends menu is pork and apple stew and a beef bourg a ma thingy!!!

I have just got a slow cooker - cant you tell??!!

love as ever

J x

  • veryniaive
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26 Sep 12 #358036 by veryniaive
Reply from veryniaive
PS Yes he should feel ashamed......


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