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Should I push for CAMHS? Advice for son

  • BoysMum
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22 Nov 12 #367401 by BoysMum
Reply from BoysMum
Hi Mark,

How did you get on yesterday?

  • Mark100
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22 Nov 12 #367405 by Mark100
Reply from Mark100
Hi All

It''s a bit of an improvement. I was lucky in that we got the same Judge as last time. He wasn''t happy ex was refusing mediation but at the same time he told me that in his view kids do need one base for the school week. He basically gave us 20 mins to come up with something new to get us over the next few weeks until we go back and tell him or he''d do it for us.

He also said he thought that the current order was bad and that it should be ripped up as it wasn''t good for kids...it''s meant to be about the kids right! (yes those fools that gave us that need shotting but I could have said that on the day they gave it)

In a nutshell:

- We ahve scrapped the Wed night I had them until 7pm.

- I still have them every Thur but up until 8pm so we have more time.

- Week 1 - I have Fri from school until Sun 4pm and he said if there is something on it should be later and it''s 4pm because it''s the winter (glaring at mum).

- Week 2 - With mum.

- week 3 - From school on a Fri until Mon morn when they are back at school.

- Week 4 - With mum.

Xmas - with me from 21st Dec until Xmas Day night and then New Years day until 7th Jan.

We are back in March to agree a few bits on birthdays, other occassions, etc.

I would obviously have wanted Thur to be overnight but this is much better and at least when I have them stay it''s not just for one night so we can relax a bit.

I am quite happy as I sorted their school and now have a better and more settled routine. Without going to court I wouldn''t have achieved it.

Thanks to all for helping and being so supportive.

Mark xxx:) A smile for once!

  • Mark100
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24 Nov 12 #367836 by Mark100
Reply from Mark100
Hi All

The new order is meant to start next week. Mum is saying she wants it to start on Week 2!!!!

Mum had the choice in court of starting the new routine this Fri or next Fri and chose next Fri but now she is back to her usual self of trying to take the p+++s as much as possible.
How quickly do the court send out their notes or ''interim order''?

In the mean time I have asked my solicitor to write to hers to remind them what was stated at court and when the routine is due to start.

Any advice here?
She is going for a world record on how to fast she can start being unresonable after a court hearing.

I am back to feeling like she may be trying to ruin our time over the next few weeks already...after feeling quite positive.

Thanks form Mark

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