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Form E, Questionaires, answers AND LIES!!!!!!!!

  • loobyloo
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27 Nov 07 #7868 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
Taylr... get this
my debts over 80k
him none
house 400k (approx) mort 177k
his savings ??? declared to only 30k
assets mea car
him 4 x rolex (not declared on form E
pension him cety 200k
me none he was supposed to be paying one for me i trusted him
he has assetts incvestments etc not declared i have proof of some but not all
he is a lying canaiving b.....d and hope the bloody judge sees through him and how he earned and deprived me throughout our married life
I am at wits end with the whole thing and will have to wait til next wednesday for the next bucket of crap to be emptied at my feet
love looby

  • Mrs Ingledew
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  • Platinum Member
27 Nov 07 #7869 by Mrs Ingledew
Reply from Mrs Ingledew
I feel for you!
Do you ever wonder how we didn't see through them before.
I supported this man for 8 years whilst he set up and failed in multiple businesses and yet I never questionned my own position in the relationship. Friends and family (including his!!) have all expressed relief that my marriage is over and describe my ex as the laughable "expensive pet", through to the expected "lazy B*****d" etc.
And I thought I was intelligent. Now all I have to do iswait and hope the judge gives me the house and let him take the business - which I guess will then go bankrupt! ho hum what fun!

  • loobyloo
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27 Nov 07 #7870 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
i hope so too its really awful i have nothing, but i do have the kids am house sharing with friend.
I just know he is up o something and he is a clever man... very plausable..... im up a junction at the moment and await my fate
looby x

  • Kamau
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  • Junior Member
  • Junior Member
28 Nov 07 #7927 by Kamau
Reply from Kamau
Nice one, thanks!

  • loobyloo
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05 Dec 07 #8455 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
How right about reaction to answers from form e... i am as we speak off for fdr, I finally got answers last night via e mail...lies lies more lies..... I went beserk ab mad!!!! For a rich chinese gp he has nothing has given all money away as gifts to parents, accused me of taking 2 watches which kids told me in aug they saw him give them to parents when in hk... i have proof of email sent to brother asking him to look after money he saying it was a loan... his brother also a dr!!!
so looks like me on streets with 2 kids hes transfered all his surgery stuff into other parteners name if anyone out ther can advise me in next 15 mins will be grateful... just see what my sol says but as i see it how can pot be divided if as he says there is not a pot to share
omg am so frustrated and worried

  • Louise11
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05 Dec 07 #8462 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11
Awww Loobyloo

I have obviously missed you, I hope everything goes well today for you. You have to chill out, he is NOT going to be belived by a Judge, yep given his money away to his parents as a gift! Its laughable.
I dont think this is going to end at a FDR, it seems this will go to a FH, and thats where you can have your say.
Anyway chinup for today, will be thinking about you.

Kind ones

  • pentagram
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  • New Member
19 Jan 13 #375181 by pentagram
Reply from pentagram
Hello Louise,I have done all the questionnaires and obviously my ex partner''s is full of lies.I was allowed to prepare an additional questionnaire at the first appointment based on evidence I produced to show she had a hidden account which she either had in her own name or jointly with her new partner.The additional questionnaire was largely ignored by the judge at the FDR and I was vilified for not making an offer to settle things.I was unable to make an offer as they are witholding information.For example,her new partner,in his divorce proceedings stated my ex paid the initial rent of £3k on their new home yet I was unable to get the judge to examine this.Secondly I have cast iron proof of her new partner paying 2 cheques into an account in her name yet she states on her e form she has no bank account,well not at that time anyway.
Thirdly I have evidence of her booking holidays on a debit card suggesting a bank account ,even have the last 4 digits and the commencing and expiry dates.Another lesser lie is she has had a job as a mystery shopper,she says she''s registered as a mystery shopper but done no work.I have three reports of work she''s done.I got all this from emails,if you hadn''t guessed and yes I''ve been warned I could be prosecuted but I consider it very relevent to the case.
Like many of the people on here I''m sick,upset,frustrated so what do I do?Trust in the system that seems to be failing me and risk losing lots of money in costs at a FH or just pretend I don''t know the information and pay up to save losing my home?I had also considered going to the Police as the whole thing stinks.Her new partner has lied in his court proceedings already.Any advice would be very welcome.My solicitor wasn''t very forceful at the FDR,but maintains we are doing the right thing.It''s alright for him but it''s just another case for him really.
Thanks Chris

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