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Form E, Questionaires, answers AND LIES!!!!!!!!

  • NE0
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26 Nov 07 #7779 by NE0
Reply from NE0
Hi Loobyloo
Louise has some very helpfull points in her section, one thing your stbx cant hide is his NHS pension and thats a very good scheme that you can get a share of. My ex was a nurse and used the health care worker excuse time after time but the Judge will come down hard on him if he keeps wasting everyones time.
If you have the evidence to catch him out use it to your best advantage.
Good luck

  • scottishlady
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26 Nov 07 #7781 by scottishlady
Reply from scottishlady
Thankyou both very much for your comments....
Yes, I suppose we had a reasonably healthy bank balance when he left...
This was a joint account.... he withdrew approx 10K in cash.... leaving £500 in...
He then closed the account... and opened a new one in his sole name...
A previous letter from his sol stated that he had withdrawn the money (from our joint account) to 'buy a new car'.... which, of course he didn't....then she said 'that he had deposited the money in his new (sole) account'..... and the latest was 'that he had lost all the money gambling'.....
I have the proof of the 10K that he withdrew from our joint account re bank statements.... but, as yet, have not seen any statements from his new (sole) account....

Again, thankyou for your comment.....
I tend to think that my S2BX is so arrogant, that he thinks he can outwit solicitors and judges, and he thinks that if the money isn't there, then I cannot possibly have a claim on it....
and..... when this is all over, he can then 'get his money' from his brother ... and he will be 'quids in'....

Once again, thankyou both for your your comments....I am feeling a little more reassured that there may be a 'fair' outcome....


  • loobyloo
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27 Nov 07 #7808 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
thankyou you are surely the goddess of wiki
I will no doubt have a string of discrepencies if i ever see his answers, if he has even answered them!
Wait with baited breath and keep +ve
love looby

  • loobyloo
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27 Nov 07 #7823 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
his pension CETV was 200k my sol was going to get actuary on it
What i dont get is he has barrister etc me and my little old solicitor have done more than his barrister..... Why has he not answered his ? when i have , he is of hong kong family and apart from 1 brother all still in hk and i tell you they are devious and I keep thinking they have a plan and money is missing big time but cant prove it all will judge surely not ? "where is the money obviously earned and not accounted for"
god im a nervous wreck and so scared for next week.
Whats the worst that can happen?

  • Louise11
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27 Nov 07 #7858 by Louise11
Reply from Louise11

The worst thing that can happen is that you end up with diddly squat! Nothing!

Is that a possibility? Never! You will come out of this ok you know, its just hard to see light at the end of the tunnel, when you get Solicitors, Barristers, Courts, papers, letters, documents, bundles, the list being endless till in the end you cant see the wood for the trees.

Many of us have never been in this position before and its a scarey place to be, there is so much conflicting advice, the horror stories, the woman who takes her ex for every penny, the man who hides all his wealth!

The Court path really is a helpful tool, just before you get to a hearing, you have been so baffled by everything, you feel your about to enter a torture chamber.
When you finally come out of that hearing (any hearing) and you have had a say in your life, then you get some sort of relief. Just takes so long to get there.

One thing though after all this is done and dusted, you will come out of it a much stronger person, one who feels they can take on the world!

Try not to worry (harder said than done) but honest you will feel some kind of relief when the first huurdle is over! Its only the unknown that you are worried about at the mo, once you have been into court, you will see in actual fact its not so scarey. (its just your imagination running away with you right now.)

You keep your chin up and with the help, advice and support you get on here, you will get through this.

Kind Ones

  • loobyloo
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27 Nov 07 #7861 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
thanks...again.... can you have a look at fdr post cos i only found this out today after speaking to sol secretary, Thanks love looby

  • Mrs Ingledew
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27 Nov 07 #7864 by Mrs Ingledew
Reply from Mrs Ingledew
Thought I would join in this one!
I know the whole of my exs fiannces as I managed them when we were together. Can I therefore put together what I think should be on his form E?

What would you do with the following - and it is not pretty reading and I am not proud of it!

When my ex left we had:
Bank acc overdrawn 600
Joint mortgage 235592
joint loan 8876
total Joint 245068

I had personal loan 15215
credit cards 30900
Total 46115

He had credit cards approx 25000 (I can get exact figures)
He also owes our joint company 25k in directors loans.

(On top of this my brother lent us 140k for childrens education which my ex used to start and fail a business!)

House has been valued at bet 243 and 250!!
So joint assets less jointliability (without taking anything personal into account)bet -2 and 5k.

And the **** is arguing about finances and saysthat if I do the house up it will be worth more and he can take that money!

Surely if I buy him out it is at todays value not hte value it might be if I spend x doing it up?

Anyway can't wait to get rid of him and the worry of just not knowing what might happen.

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