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Final Hearing

  • ladysmith08
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02 Dec 07 #8264 by ladysmith08
Topic started by ladysmith08
Can someone please give me advice?! I've got my fianl hearing coming up this Wednesday - and I'm terrified!! I am the petitioner in my divorce, but my x2b has used any means he can to paint me in the worst light possible. He is a confident / bordering on over-confident person. I, on the other hand, have almost non-existent self-confidence (thanks to him!). I am worried that he will come across much better in court, and the District Judge will see things from his perspective. Can anyone tell me what the procedure is for the final hearing? I've got a barrister, but my x2b has yet to instruct one. Please help!!!

  • loobyloo
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02 Dec 07 #8266 by loobyloo
Reply from loobyloo
Hi lady s
Well if iits fnal hearing how did others go .... ive got fdr on wed too and i feel its all against me as he is a clever sod and have fealt hes played it his way all along and got away with it... im no authority .. but an expert on how the courts in my area allow delays lies etc etc
just go on how it was for 1st appt and fdr..... how come ts gone to fh.... whats the history of your case
regards looby

  • ladysmith08
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02 Dec 07 #8268 by ladysmith08
Reply from ladysmith08
Hi looby! My x2b sounds very similar - he's been very clever all along, and manages to twist everything I say. I originally filed for divorce in Jan 06 on the grounds of adultery, but because he's been totally unreasonable throughout, it's gone on for almost 2 years, and has finally reached a final hearing! I'm really at my wits end, and can't wait to get it finalised! I need to move on with my life, but with all this hanging over me, it's been really hard.

The FDR was interesting as my x2b represented himself! The DJ wasn't too impressed with him though!

What's the history of your case? X

  • sexysadie
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02 Dec 07 #8271 by sexysadie
Reply from sexysadie
I would have thought that someone being over-confident in court would annoy the judge no end. Try not to worry: if he wound up the judge last time he will probably do so again. If you lack confidence then that will also be obvious and you are more likely to get sympathy than anything else.

Good luck, and try to stay calm,


  • Vail
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03 Dec 07 #8283 by Vail
Reply from Vail

Your bundle for the FH should have been completed and filed with the court. No doubt it's enormous in content and no doubt the judge would not have read anything except the schedule of issues, chronology and summary of finances prepared by your counsel.

Behaviour is not usually taken into account, yours or your xtb's so try not to dwell on that. Concentrate on your capital and income needs, your reasonabless, stress your H's unreasonableness if any (eg lavish expenditure, parsimony etc) and take a deep breath before answering a question if being examioned. No one expects you to act like a seasoned courtroom witness - you aren't one. Like sexysadie says, try to stay calm.

The salient point is the financial split should give each of you enough to get on with your lives.

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