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Feeling sad

  • blonde cazza
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24 Apr 12 #326324 by blonde cazza
Topic started by blonde cazza
For the first time in ages i feel sad..i jves ust thought about the time my ex told me he didt love me anymore not to my face nooooo but over the phone where he had other people in the room!
I do wonder where i get my strength from sometimes as ive had to deal with alot of things myself over the past 14 months..
I do wonder how someone who has hurt you with those words goes on to make your life so hard...and leaves you with the question...will i ever trust or be able to love again!:(

  • Crumpled
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24 Apr 12 #326331 by Crumpled
Reply from Crumpled
Hi I feel for you I truly do as I am wearing the same tshirt at the moment.I really dont know how a person can be so cruel and callous towards someone they have shared their lives with for such a time it does really worry me about the human race in general.
Please try and stay strong i know that is much easier said than done even though you may feel alone you are not by yourself
big hugs

  • Fifi100
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24 Apr 12 #326336 by Fifi100
Reply from Fifi100
There must be something in the air today. i totally totally understand the gloom. I feel it too today.

I keep thinking that it will get better and look to reassurance from other people that it will. It just feels so unfair doesn''t it?

I can''t really say much more than I *get* where you are at right now because I am in the same frame of mind...

hugs F

  • leftwondering
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24 Apr 12 #326350 by leftwondering
Reply from leftwondering
Hi Cazza,

It''s the rollercoaster IMO.

A couple of days ago I was full of heartache.

Tonight I think she''s a sl@g.
A cheap tart.
I have no respect for her at all.

No idea how I''ll feel next week!

Sometimes it helps not to dwell on the happy times you had together, but think deeply about how they are pissing all over you right now and couldn''t give a toss about how you feel about it.

Your sadness is unimportant to them.
Their happiness IS.


  • perin123
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24 Apr 12 #326352 by perin123
Reply from perin123


It never ceases to amaze me how other people''s experiences are so similar? It''s like a broken record!!!

In some strange way it helps me to know that I am not unique and others are having to deal with the same problems as me....

What a sad world.:(

  • blonde cazza
  • blonde cazza's Avatar Posted by
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24 Apr 12 #326358 by blonde cazza
Reply from blonde cazza
Thanks people...im sorry to sound sorry for myself tonight...it justs really gets to me when i think back to what he said and there was no reason for it...theres no ow!
I try to stay focused and think about the future but the future seems scary because im going to have to retrain in order to earn enough money to live on!
I know that i will meet someone else because ive tried dating and veryone has said im a pretty lady but just not sure if i can trust anything anyguy says anymore...xx

  • Dazed
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25 Apr 12 #326480 by Dazed
Reply from Dazed
Hi Cazza,

ditto to all other replies & don''t worry about feeling a bit low from time to time - we all do.

This is the worst pain & heartache ever & just takes time to get through. I suppose I accept that even though it''s been some time post seperation for me, I will still get glum periods where I may moon over old photographs & remember the day we got married. But, so long as the low points are shorter & fewer, then it really is progress. I find it helps to read my posts from the start & then I can see how far I have come - even if I''m not fully there yet.

In respect of meeting someone new - there''s loads of time & you need to heal properly first which means getting to the point where you are open to love & trust again. I agree it''s hard to trust after being betrayed so badly, but not everyone is the same as our cheating nasty exes.


Dazed x

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