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life atm is a daze

  • Tracey1971
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10 May 12 #329846 by Tracey1971
Topic started by Tracey1971
don''t know were to start living in the same house as husband who wants out but he won''t go till he gets some money long long story but i am finding it so hard to cope with day to day tasks had to phone in sick to work yesterday as i just couldn''t face it can find myself sitting in the same place and and will have been sitting there for an hour or so just doing nothing try so hard to be normal for my teenager kids but god its so hard just can''t get over the man i''ve been with since i was 17 now 41 has decided he know longer wants to live with me asked him if he wants a divorce but he says no cause he may feel diffrent in a year and he can''t think that far ahead!!! I cope better when hes not around but when hes home i am a wreck and feel hes pulling all the strings and demands and I have to go along with it just to keep the peace within the house feel so low and feel I have no were to turn although I have a good family and friend support.never felt so low in my life
tracey xx

  • fairylandtime
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10 May 12 #329865 by fairylandtime
Reply from fairylandtime
(((hugs))) Tracey

Sorry you are here - it seems you are just at the start & it will feel like you are in a time warp, you will lose concept of time & may (I) found it felt like I was looking in on may own life as an outsider - weird.

So have I got this right your husband wants out, but will not move out until he has £ , & doesn''t want a divorce as he may feel differently in a year & want back in again? Sorry but this is way unfair on you & yes he is playing silly "persons" IMO.

Is he expecting you to just sit & wait for him?

You have to be strong for your kids (I presume they know), but you have to be strong for yourself too, try & get yourself up, moving, go to work (throw yourself into work it''s a great destraction), go for walks, join a gym (anything to get you out of the house), meet & be with friends / family get yourself into a routine that doesn''t include your husband, he may be living in the same house but try & detach him in your mind, a business partner or suchlike relationship. Really really hard I know but this is self-presivation time.

Keep posting here, this site has & continues to help me enormously, would be lost without it.

Stay strong - you are strong & worth so much more.


  • Bjc67
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10 May 12 #329880 by Bjc67
Reply from Bjc67
My ex wife has left me just 4 weeks ago so I know exactly what your emotions are playing at just now. It is hard, very, very hard but take strength in the knowledge that there are some amazing people on here who have already experienced what we are going through right now.
I took advice from responses for me - get busy and get out that has helped enormously. I was at one stage sitting at home looking at 4 walls it was driving me mad and I could feel the depression slide starting.
Don''t get me wrong its not all a bed of roses it is difficult when your emotion wash cycle is going 24/7 but this is, as many will tell you part of the process. Ride the storm because thats it all it is and what comes after the storm ? Peace and tranquility...
We definatly don''t need to be treated like this and yes we deserve better, way better.
Stay strong an cliche I know but it will get better - I hope so as well !

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