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P***d off

  • redwine47
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15 Jun 12 #336946 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Thank you all for your support, your positive vibes have given me the strength to continue on this somewhat lengthy journey. I have come this far so I guess it would be silly to give up now (what was I thinking?). As maisy moo also said I would not wish to regret any hasty decisions at a later stage. Until the time is right I will battle on. :)

Marshy, I welcome your advice and I will definetly weigh up the pros and cons with regard to costs, the emotional strain, financial gain/loss. Before making any hasty decisions.

FOS, Im sorry you were in a similar relationship, I think perhaps we were married to the same person. Your story is so similar to mine. All the usual, lies in court (shocking ones), nasty, vindictive etc, if I had to write about it, it would take forever. To the outside world he is a luvly man. Its pathetic that some ex''s can get away with so much cr*p. My previous posts tell the story.

To all you Wiki''s thanks again, I will keep posting and do believe the positive energy and support received from you all will not only help me but keep us all going on this stressful, unpleasant but common journey.


xxxxx Lots luv to you all.

  • jar of hearts
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15 Jun 12 #336995 by jar of hearts
Reply from jar of hearts
Red wine and Flower I too have been in your shoes for more than a mile, in fact for a lifetime. I think we married clones of one hideous monster and I know just where you are coming from. My stbx actually managed to carry on bullying me in the courtroom as he took two days to give evidence at the final hearing, which was the total time alloted. This meant that I had to wait eight weeks to give my evidence and have to live with all the lies he told in the court, he still plays with the lives of our children, but not for much longer.

I wanted to give up so much at the court and between times, but I have my girls to consider and to fight for. They have also known nothing in their lives but this vile bully and deserve far, far better and it is my job to start their lives again. I have now lived through the final hearing, had a none too favourable judgement (not helped by the fact that stbx has spent huge amounts of our money), been in the depths of despair and now I am on my way up. Today I have had offers accepted on property for our future and we can soon leave the hideous house which was the scene for so much unhappiness. Yes our new house is tiny and the girls will sleep in the dining room and on the landing and the like, but it will be ours and noone can take it away from us. We will have our first chance at happiness in over twenty years and we are going to grab it with both hands.

Your chance at happiness and freedom will come too and you will be pleased that you carried on fighting to get it.


  • redwine47
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  • Platinum Member
15 Jun 12 #337003 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
Hi JOH..

It''s uncanny the similarites in a lot of our ex''es must all be from same clone. :dry:

It sounds like you have had a hideous struggle also. I hope you are getting there, its a terrible situation and no-one really understands unless they have been in the position themselves. This site so full of all these wise and wonderful wiki''s giving support and advice is a lifesaver for us all. I hope you have found some help here like I have.

Its good that you have your girls to keep you motivated, I know if I had not my boys I cant even think where I would be now. But if we persevere in getting through each day (good and bad), we will reach that goal.

Somedays we may think this is never gone to happen (ive been there many times) but then struggle through another day and somehow find the strength to keep heading in the right direction. I believe we will all get there no matter how long it mite take. Keep posting.

Lots of love xxx hugs

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