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Would like to know the truth

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21 Jun 12 #338045 by asram
Reply from asram
Hi Wammcl

I can only agree with what everyone has said. Please see the article below which I found when going through my madness! Its a horrible journey but to know that you are not going mad and that everything that is happening is normal for the circumstances really helps.

It may also help you to read Shoegirls post regarding the early days.

Re-writing Marriage History for Divorce!!

It may seem that most divorces are similar in nature. Actually, there are different types of divorces, each of them with their own unique psychological characteristics and emotional intensity.

The Mutual Agreement pattern of divorce occurs when both mates are unhappy and conclude that they will be happier being apart. This couple often settles their affairs amicably and quickly, and may stay friends.

The Unilateral pattern of divorce entails one person deciding to leave to the dismay of the other. There are greater emotional implications in this type of split, where the person who chooses to leave has had time to consider, reflect, weigh the options and emotionally detach, while the “left mate” is caught unprepared, treated unfairly, surprised and abandoned. Requests for more time, counseling or opportunity to change the situation are denied. The process of this
divorce is harder and more emotional due to the imbalance of power.

The emotional intensity is even greater in a Compounded divorce pattern, where there is involvement of a third party. In this situation, the partner not only feels abandoned, he or she feels replaced. The pain here is about having lost a primary position in the mate’s life to another individual. There are added painful emotions about immorality, betrayal, and failure.

Within each of these divorce patterns there are additional subsets. The following subsets are associated with the Compounded divorce pattern.
In the Compounded pattern, a spouse meets another person who is adoring and makes them feel very valued and desired. At first, they lavish in the attention and feel invigorated. With time, the spouse begins to COMPARE his/her feelings about the new admirer to those he/she has for their spouse. If they decide to break up their family and start a new life (or they are asked to explain their affair), the adulterous spouse is likely to go through the following psychological stages:

1. DEMONIZING THE MATE: The offending spouse is a decent person who is aware that their conduct is frowned upon both morally and socially. They begin to feel great guilt, yet, continue the relationship with the other person. In order to reconcile the conflict between their view of themselves as a moral being and their unacceptable conduct, the offending spouse resorts to demonizing their mate as a justification for the affair. They ascribe to their mate many negative and unforgivable traits and behaviors. Suddenly, their mate is an inept person, companion, lover, parent, and they may even be labeled “evil” or “crazy.”

2. REWRITING HISTORY: Not only is the partner found to be irrevocably faulted, the offending spouse claims that he/she has been so for the duration of the marriage. The offending spouse re-creates a view of historical suffering and pain he/she has endured. They may say, “I have been unhappy in the marriage for 20 years” or, “She made every day of our married life a miserable day.” It is clear that this is a re-created story because of the exaggerated nature of the comment, its intensity and the lack of balance. The offending spouse assumes no personal responsibility for their role in the so-called “long-term suffering.” They seeks approval and support from others for having been a victim, which in their mind fully justifies their affair and subsequent abandonment of their family.

3. PUNISHING THE MATE: The offending spouse retells his/her newly developed view of suffering often enough that he/she begins to believe that his/her mate DESERVES to be punished. The offended spouse becomes the “offender” and thus needs to be dealt with harshly. The punishment is dished out through financial withholding, or worse, through fighting over the children. The offending spouse believes that their mate is not entitled to receive any future benefits from him/her, sometimes not even those allowed by the law. In many cases, the offending spouse may even attempt to deprive the spouse of equal, fair or appropriate access to the children or to child support. Needless to say, this divorce will be very bitter, lengthy, costly and detrimental to the children.

4. SEEKING APPROVAL: Despite all of the offending spouses vengeance, he/she still wants the affirmation and approval of family, friends, and curiously enough, even his mate. He/She wants the mate to ACCEPT that he/she was primarily responsible for the break-up of the family and realize that he/she had no other choice but to act as he/she did. Sadly, this view may be imparted upon the children, who are traumatized enough by the divorce. The deep-seated guilt that the offending spouse experiences continues to plague him/her.

5. RESTORING BALANCE: The offending spouse expects their left mate to accept their new life and even be happy for them. They want their left mate to take the full blame for their need to escape the so-called intolerable marriage. Therefore, the left mate should also accept the “new reality” and make peace with the OW or OM. Since the left mate does not share the offending spouse’s reconstructed view of their history, he/she is often unwilling to embrace the offending spouse’s new life. With time, some couples learn to act civilly toward each other, often for the sake of their children.

In summary, in the Compounded style of divorce, which involves a third party, the following happens:

*A spouse becomes involved with a third party and is subsequently beleaguered by guilt.

*To justify his or her socially and morally unacceptable conduct, he/she first demonizes the mate, rewrites the history of their union in negative terms and then depicts himself as a victim and the mate as a persecutor.

*This partner then moves to punishing the spouse for the alleged unforgivable acts. He/She then seeks approval from others and even his partner for being “forced” to exit the marriage.

*The divorcing couple eventually try to restore balance, whereby a normalized or civil relationship is created. This may or may not be fully achieved.

If you have been a participant in this divorce pattern, or know someone who has been, you are fully aware of the emotional turmoil involved.

The left mate experiences a HELLISH NIGHTMARE. They are likely to go through the following stages, which are often reported in the form of sequential questions:

*The demonizing process produces feelings of pure shock.
“How can my partner betray me in the worst possible way? Not only did he have an affair, but he compounded the betrayal by accusing me of causing it.”

“Not only did he blame me for the failure of the marriage, but he also restorted to DEFAMING my character. How could he believe that I am such an evil being after having loved me for years?”

“How could he be so callous and insensitive toward the children by depicting their mother in the worst possible light to justify his own immoral conduct?”

*The rewriting of history is a major violation of the mate’s reality.

“How could he have been miserable for 10 years without my awareness? Or worse, how could all of the joy I recall be a figment of my imagination?”

“If things were truly that offensive to him, why did he not complain, and not request change or seek help FOR HIMSELF?”

*Being punished for creating a partner’s misery is a mind-boggling state.

“He started an affair, lied, deceived, violated trust and his commitment, started fights to escape from home and ultimately decided to leave our family, and I need to be punished?”

“Not only do I lose my whole life structure, but I am also seen as a greedy enemy? Please, somebody help me understand how my whole reality became so skewed.”

“To make things even more bewildering, he expects me to admit my wrongdoings, take full responsibility for the marrige failure and give him empathy for “his suffering”?”

“I am also left with the task of preserving his dignity in the children’s eyes while helping them with their anger, confusion, and pain. But, as long as the children are in pain, I am accused of turning them against him!”

“If all of this isn’t enough emotional torture, he now thinks I should accept this other woman and rejoice in his well-deserved happiness. It is my task to help the children embrace her and welcome her into the fold.”

“Since when did I select her entry into our lives? Does she deserve kudos for participating in the break-up of our marriage? How did I get assigned the job of welcoming a woman whose only interest was not that of our family unit, but of her own needs?”

The people who have gone through this trauma describe it as “crazy-making.” Such severe distortion of their reality causes left mates to doubt their sanity. Recovery from this profound trauma is slow.
What can a left partner do under these circumstances?

*Realize that all of these five phases serve the leaving partner and have little to do with you.

*Understand that this is your partner’s tragic way of dealing with their guilt. Their perceptions are the reconstructed ones.

*Your partner’s lack of any cupability is a clear sign of misdirected adaptation.
*Talk with people who can affirm your view of the marital history, interactions, and your worthy personality.

*Reassure yourself that you are sane and that the reality you are being fed is created for your partner’s self-exoneration.

*Surround yourself with people who love and affirm you.

*Remember that every parent earns his or her separate relationship with the children. Your youngsters will eventually process these events appropriately

Wiki peeps are here for you, so keep posting if there is anything you need to know or even if you just need to blow off steam.

Take Care


  • wammcl
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21 Jun 12 #338046 by wammcl
Reply from wammcl
I feel stronger already having listened to you all. But it''s so unfair. He has bad-mouthed me to our friends about debt (who are still my friends interestingly...)and I want to ring them all up and say ''He''s been sh.gg.ng someone else all along!'' But the other part of me wants to maintain a dignified silence - which I think I''ll do.Thanks you, thank you. thank you and please keep in touch with me. You are all so strong and give me hope. Hawaythelads - i can just imagine him doing as you say at the end of your post. Bobbinalong

  • Bobbinalong
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21 Jun 12 #338050 by Bobbinalong
Reply from Bobbinalong
all is unfair in divorce and war...
strange haow we have to react so different in divorce, especially when kids are involved, you have to smile sweetly and treat the other person in a business like fashion, its the best way through, even though as most of us, it would be quite satisfying to visit the nearest car crusher and.... whoops

  • Marshy_
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21 Jun 12 #338051 by Marshy_
Reply from Marshy_
People have said that he is having an affair. Even if its just flirting. By his own admission he is having an affair. When yr married, you dont flirt. Thats a no no. And someone doesnt text you "love you". It all adds upto what others are saying. Affair. Either emotional or physical. Its all the same. Get rid.

I know you want him to flat out just tell you. But really, you know. So the truth is, he is having an affair. I know how crushed you will be by this. Sorry.

He will blame you. And the mortgage thing is just a smoke screen. He wants you out the way pronto. Thats what this is all about. In fact its always about this. Many will tell you this. Including me.

Take the divorce pettion. Sign it and accept that the marriage is over but dont accept the reasons. And get this man out of your life. I know this sounds harsh. But you dont need him. He is a waste of space and you deserve much better.

Marshy ((((HUG))) C.

  • wammcl
  • wammcl's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
21 Jun 12 #338056 by wammcl
Reply from wammcl
I was trying to say to you that you''re right and that I do need to put it to rest. I think I ran out of space! Thanks again for your words of wisdom. I''d better do some work now! x

  • NoWhereToTurnl
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21 Jun 12 #338086 by NoWhereToTurnl
Reply from NoWhereToTurnl
Hi wammcl,

And is another 100% YES he is having an affair.

My ex was seeing OW for 3 years before the final split. During that time he denied having an affair but followed the exact pattern of a "compounded divorce". As I have said before, mobile phones should come with a divorce warning.

I, like you, wanted definitive proof of the affair, when the reality was staring me in the face. I went from a well respected professional person in a top position to a broken gibbering wreck under psychiatric care. I became totally consumed and received mental abuse from my ex daily. He would shout at me "You are evil, poisonous and wicked", then creep out of the house to go to OW. I could go on and on but that would not help you.

What I do want to add is, please just accept he is having an affair and get shut of the lying, cheating bar-steward whilst you have your sanity.

Very best wishes and a (((BIG HUG)))

  • wammcl
  • wammcl's Avatar Posted by
  • Senior Member
  • Senior Member
21 Jun 12 #338089 by wammcl
Reply from wammcl
I hope you''re doing ok now though? I too could see myself becoming a psych case, but realise that I have to be strong after reading all your posts. I get the evrbal abuse as well - read Patricia Evans'' Verbal Abusers book - very enlightening.

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