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going on a sabbatical for a week!

  • MrsSadness
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26 Aug 12 #351969 by MrsSadness
Topic started by MrsSadness
Hi all, well last night well over the last few weeks actually, stress has been building up for me, not helped by neighbours cat jumping in through window when I was finally getting some much-needed sleep! The attitude of said neighbour - no apology or thanks, though cat sits on my soft-top, and leaves haris and scratches all over it, well put me back a bit yesterday, or day before: not a nutter, but sooo sleep deprived, at mo...

Anyway, I finally cried my heart out last night/this morning.... I have been over doing it: on here almost 24/7 in an obsessional thing to learn all I can about divorce law.. for which this site has proved to be an invaluable source. Thank you to all my new freinds and others, wikis who replied, and LMM, ''chicken or pasta'', LOL - I could tell you a lot of hilarious things aabout trans- atlantic catering, ha, ha!

Time to take myself off just for a week to get some much needed rest, and get my dreaded D8 in - I just hope I have managed to word it so it won''t get stayed by the judge.... if chucked out, another 90 squids and more mental anguiah I can do without! LOL

Continuation page for statement - double spaced? Hey, at the end of the day, the judges are human and I have exceptional case of DV... and I just need to get it in... I had some sort of psychological barrier to doing so, as well as the wording issue - for once I know it is in, comfort to a certain degree versus I know the stbx will be very angry.....

SR, sorry, you just so happened to be the the one I had my melt-down on in the personal PM.... when you have your own stuff to deal with.

Same to NWTT - I do need to look after myself a bit better, don''t I. Thank you.

So, for now, I am going to say adieu for a week..... I will return refreshed and under new more positive name.

I am only writing this email for the benefit of any total newbies stumblng across what really is a fantastic site feeling even worse than I do, at the very start. Me, thanks to your guys and gals, know what I have to do. It is only down to this site though, that I have been able to arm myself with some degree of legal knowledge, taken me a few weeks of provarication, lack of confidence et al ( hark at that, legal parlance!!LOL) but this site is so great.

I am going to absent myself for a week - since I have my own battle to fight, and I really can not put it off any longer than I have, not with a longer than usual period of sep, and him disappating assets as I speak.... I was too numb to do anything before now. Thanks to this site, got some confidence back. I thank everyone of you - but I have been overdoing it, a bit re the not eating/sleeping bit..

So will get my D8 in this coming week, great its a B/H, so another day to provaricate over my wording! Before I go, I don''t suppose any of you Wikis know if continuation sheet for D8 on UB has to be in double-lined spacing do you?...

Right, I am off now for a week, and I think my new mates in the PM thing, will see this, so don''t worry about me! I had my hugh cry overnight, and feel better for it. Just sorry if I put on anyone ( SR and NWTT). Oh, am I allowed to reference like that?

You have all been just great, but I will be back in a week, but for now, I can''t give anymore, though I have done through uot my sojourn on here.

Time for me to take a sabbaticaland will be back in a week.... well the moment I walk out of that court having finally submitted my D8. Horrid situation, scared of him, if I do, scared of him if I don''t. Matriomonial law will be on my side though, and if there is any justice, it will be done in my favour against what was and still is an evil husband, and I do not bandy about such adjectives lightly.

Ok, thanks to all of you, will be back next week. I will be so much better placed to give of my time, once this damn D8 is in....

Big hugs all round - and will be coming back next week as some new positive- sounding user- name, ok! Hope this post has helped any one in this thread, forum, depression and stress.... that''s all.

Bye all, for now. xxx to my friends, and don''t worry about me.... you know who you are. x

  • Elphie
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  • Platinum Member
  • Platinum Member
26 Aug 12 #351977 by Elphie
Reply from Elphie
Sounds like you needed a good cry to get things out your system. Hope you get done what you need to during your week away. Look forwardntonseeing you back here again.

Oh, and my solisitor didn''t use double spacing on my continuation sheet for UB, but I don''t suppose it matters either way.

  • MrsSadness
  • MrsSadness's Avatar Posted by
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  • Elite Member
02 Sep 12 #353331 by MrsSadness
Reply from MrsSadness
Thank you Elphie - and sorry for not replying sooner: I do like to be polite, but as I say been going through it a bit of late, hence the ''sabbatical''. Back now though, so just catching up with my thank yous! Appreciate your reply, so heartfelt thanks!

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