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  • polar
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25 Nov 14 #450045 by polar
Topic started by polar
After my x left I tried hypnosis to stop smoking. After the session I was given a CD with virtually the same format that the hypnotist had use to put me under.
Sleeping was a great problem in the early stages. I had a portable CD player and at night I would stick this under my pillow.

Basically hypnotism at this level instructs you to breathe and relax in a soothing manner.

It wasn''t a magic cure but as I went to bed and listened I tended to relax more and the throughts whirring in my head could be laken over by listening, breathing and relaxing.

It wasn''t long before I switched the CD on and I was asleep before it eached the end.

You can google ''self hypnotism'' and get the general format of how it works and I am sure that there are CD''s you can get or maybe downloads for whatever audio system there is today.

It wasn''t a magic cure. What it did was to help me to relax and take my mind off the things whirring around in my head which prevented me from sleeping.

Worth a try even if it doesn''t cure all your problems it should help you get to sleep.

PS use rechargeables as the players I used never switched off.

  • NWGuy
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25 Nov 14 #450047 by NWGuy
Reply from NWGuy
When all my astuff kicke off I found an amazing hypno-therapist

Am still seeing him as its a long process, but what he initially did was remove any jealousy I had - I cant get jealous now even if I tried over anything

He has also helped accelerate the healing process - stripping away all the horrible stuff and exposing the real me that was there before all this horridness took over

Its not cheap but in my opinion it has been worth every penny and made me stronger. I still have wobbles but I find it easier to deal with my stbx based on the techniques I have learned

  • polar
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25 Nov 14 #450049 by polar
Reply from polar
Not quite sure how it works but it is not used very much medically. Councilling sems to be the trend to convince you that life will be OK. Think hypnosis gets to a lower level in the brain and alters the way you look at things.
If we stand back and look at the mess we are in from an outsiders view then most of the problems, if not all, are easily solved. Unfortunately it seems we are dumped into an alien world of legal rubbish, emotions, demands and everything else you can think of and yet still be expected to work and live.
Its the sheer overload that drags us down and it is so long winded and time consuming that we need to relax but this is impossible.

My doctor used to have a sign on the wall.
It said:

You will either get better or die.

Very true !!

  • NWGuy
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25 Nov 14 #450050 by NWGuy
Reply from NWGuy
How i understand it is that hypnosis connects with the buried core of the brain and this is layered as we grow older and have more experiences.

Hypnosis works on the sub-conscious - and not everyone can access it. But I do know it has worked for me. I have a session and then after a good sleep, it seems the words have worked their magic and I feel so much better.

I didnt really believe in it before but cant recommend it enough now

  • Shoegirl
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25 Nov 14 #450055 by Shoegirl
Reply from Shoegirl
We all find the things that work for us.

Key is I think to accept that one size does not fit all. For example, my experience of counselling did not involve trying to convince me that life was ok. Perhaps that''s your experience Polar and it wasn''t right for you for that reason.

Glad you''ve found something that''s right for you.

  • polar
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25 Nov 14 #450056 by polar
Reply from polar
Yes I have always stated that one size does not fit all in the same way that I advise that one persons experiences and situation can vary vastly from another.

One of the problems with the ...shall we call it ''medical'' solutions to problems is that they do not take into account the human psyche.
I was put on anti depressants that dulled my thinking an whilst they may have helped initially they were not the solution.
I have been given painkillers in the past that are now declared addictive and actually cause the headaches !!

I do know of people who believe in crystals and angels and it works for them.

I suppose we all find a solution to our problems otherwise we would give up and fade away.

There is often a problem with individuals giving advice. Many have never experienced if from first hand. Thats why wiki is so good as most on here have been through the mire and can say how THEY did it.

I remember my doctor sitting talking to me.
His wife suddenly walked out 4 months after mine. He said that he had been advising others for 30 years on getting over divorce but had no idea how traumatic it really was.

So hopefully any ideas that anyone posts on wiki...however mad or cranky might just be that glimmer of hope that starts the road to recovery.

  • afonleas
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25 Nov 14 #450057 by afonleas
Reply from afonleas
As with every thing else,it''s all about self discovery,finding out exactly who you are,not who you percieved you were.

Then moving forwards to find tools that will help you,not me,not them,YOU.
I work in the Mental Health Sector,and I knew that I did not want to go down the medication route,before I tried other things.I read,I talked,I cried,I hid away ashamed,I felt every emotion under the sun....

The key word is emotion.
Emotions are from the neck down,they do not live in your head...
Stomach churning,gollywobbles,heart racing etc,
Although your subconcious also lives there,it''s a matter getting the concious mind to overrule the subconcious.
Emotion broken down equates to energy in motion,it''s meant to flow,it''s not meant to be suppressed,so my energy flowed okay...
I cried enough tears to resail the ark,but obviously it helped me.

Every size does not fit all,just as each persons story is differant,but one thing to remember,however we get through the horrible place that we find ourselves in...
Divorce cannot kill us,
It can define us,it can damage us,but it cannot kill us.I know there will be people just starting their journey who feel that it can,I felt that way also,but truth ...it cannot.

Everyone just explore what you feel the need,try something,if it does not work try something else,but eventually you will find something in your toolbox,and then you will find you again:)


Afon Xxx

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