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Unreasonable Behaviour - wording help

  • sarah087
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18 Aug 15 #465631 by sarah087
Topic started by sarah087

I''m filing for divorce based on unreasonable behaviour and am not sure about wording. Essentially, I strongly suspect that my husband was cheating before we separated a few months ago, but he continues to deny it. I do, however, have proof that he had attempted to cheat with three different women, which he will not deny. Will this wording suffice?

The respondent maintained intimate, improper relationships with various other women who I do not wish to name throughout 2013 and 2014, including improper conversations and attempts at adultery. After I, the Petitioner, found out about these relationships I find it intolerable to live with the Petitioner. The marriage has broken down irretrievably.

  • rubytuesday
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21 Aug 15 #465752 by rubytuesday
Reply from rubytuesday
Hello Sarah, welcome to Wikivorce. I''m sorry that you have not had a response to your post before.

There is a "format" to writing Unreasonable Behaviour examples you will need to give:
• details of a course of conduct, or, particular incidents, including dates, but it should not be necessary to give more than about half a dozen examples of the more serious incidents, including the most recent. Evidence is not normally required.

• Tips for Wording:
You will need 5 or 6 differing examples of the Respondent’s unreasonable behaviour that occurred during the last six months of you having lived together as spouses. Each example must be separate and demonstrate a different behaviour. The most important factor is that you personally find whatever the behaviour is to be unreasonable and that you can’t not be expected to remain in the marriage.

Write each examples as follows:
A short de­­­script­­­ion of behaviour, a dated specific example, and how this made you feel. Eg:
The Respondents continuous heavy drinking during recent months have affected the life of the whole family. The Respondent consumes often 10 cans of beer every day, becomes drunk and behaves in an unpleasant and irresponsible manner. By the way of example, The Respondent turned up to a family dinner in a restaurant on [DATE] and acted in a drunken manner causing the Petitioner immense embarrassment

After you have drafted your examples, finish with this wording:

“The respondent has behaved in such a way that the Petitioner cannot reasonably be expected to live with the respondent.”

What you have written in your post would be one such example, but I''m afraid it wouldn''t be enough, you will need to provide more examples of his unreasonable behaviour.

Hope this helps

  • sarah087
  • sarah087's Avatar Posted by
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07 Sep 15 #466443 by sarah087
Reply from sarah087

Thanks very much for your reply. Using this and a few other guides, here''s what I have come up with:

1. The Respondent has formed improper, intimate relationships with women whose identity and address the Petitioner does not wish to disclose. By way of example, the Respondent spoke inappropriately and graphically throughout 2014 with various women. These conversations and encounters were brought to light on 16th of April 2015, leading to the Respondent being asked to vacate the former matrimonial home immediately.

2. The Respondent repeatedly insulted the character of the Petitioner in April-August 2015 for being unable and unwilling to forgive the improper relations of the Respondent, causing the Petitioner grievance and depression.

3. Throughout 2015, the Respondent has repeatedly insulted the Petitioner’s body and weight, leading to the Petitioner’s feelings of inadequacy and sadness.

4. The Respondent was controlling towards the Petitioner. By way of example, the Respondent became angry and unreasonable in December of 2014 when the Petitioner was late arriving home after a work function.

As a result of the Respondent’s unreasonable behaviour, the Petitioner found it impossible to continue living with the Respondent. Consequently, the Respondent permanently vacated the former matrimonial home on the 17th day of April 2015 since when the Petitioner and the Respondent have lived entirely separate and apart.

Is this enough?

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