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Drawing up a contact schedule

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8 years 10 months ago #287521 by completelyjaded
Drawing up a contact schedule was created by completelyjaded
I'm not sure if this is best placed here or in contact .

My partner has had problems with contact. His ex is very difficult to negotiate with. She always does just enough at the very last minute to get them by for a few months and then it all starts again.

He applied to the courts for a contact order and shared residence order. The hearing was adjourned and they agreed to attend mediation . They've had the first appointment and are now in the process of agreeing a schedule for the next 12 months.

The problem is as that 12 months draws to a close he is going to be faced with exactly the same problems of negotiating again and they will be back in mediation or court. The schedule really needs to be a year1/year2 alternating schedule so everyone knows where they stand.

My question is - can mediation draw up a contact order (or equivalent of) that has to be adhered to or does he have to go to court to get that? What about a shared resdience order? If he does, what exactly is the point of mediation if they both have to attend court anyway? His ex is not going to be happy about attending and paying for court. Relations are hostile at best. It has been a challenge to even get her to mediation and it will be another challenge to get her back as she will have to pay for herself this time.

My partner wants to protect himself from the vicious circle he has spent 3 years in, constantly fearing the loss of contact and negotiating contact for months on end. It's draining and not fair on the kids either.

If both parties agree can they apply for the approriate orders without a court hearing?

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