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Pension Split & Marital Home Sale

  • HavenoIdea
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03 Nov 22 #520176 by HavenoIdea
Topic started by HavenoIdea
Hi All
I was wondering if someone could shed some light on something I was told, don't ask me by who as I cannot for the life of me remember.

I heard that if you have been divorced for over 10 yrs (which I have this year) then the financial settlement that was put in place at the time no longer mattered and could be rescinded. The reason I ask is that my ex was allocated 38% of my pension from my previous employment which was 25yrs in the company pot (until I took redundancy in 2011) with an extra few years on top as I left it sitting there until I was over 55yr in 2017. I withdrew my entitlement and moved it to a personal pension scheme and was told that his 'share' would stay where it was until he made a claim on it. What I was wondering is, if he doesn't realise he can claim it and therefore hasn't been told (no one knows his address or contact details) would it still be sat there, or would the company (in this case Local Authority) swallow it into their own coffers, or would I be allowed to ask for it to be transferred to me? It seems totally unfair that he was given the amount he was in the first place seeing as he was both physically and mentally abusive towards me and the children, never worked for 95% of the time we were married, and I paid ALL the bills.

The other stipulation was that when my youngest reached the age of 18yr, ex could insist that I sold the marital home, and he would be entitled to 18% of the market value. My youngest is now 26yr and the ex has not made any attempt to set this action into motion (that's not to say he still won't). He was all mouth when it came to threats and did say that if we ever parted, he would make sure I was left with nothing, so of course I may be tempting fate if I look into this further.

Anyhow, all suggestions will be gratefully received.

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