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stupid question is my solicitor expensive

  • Crumpled
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03 Jun 12 #334888 by Crumpled
Topic started by Crumpled
Hi my solicitor is charging £300 per hour...is that normal £30 each six minute email approx £120 for a standard letter?

Im just about to send my Petition to be typed and submitted by them and im terrified the bill is going to absolutely huge before things even get going
paid £1500 so far for two meeting and few letters...i do feel they are giving me good advice ..............

  • fairylandtime
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03 Jun 12 #334891 by fairylandtime
Reply from fairylandtime
Your sols sounds similar to mine, £26 per 6 mins!!! He was a partner in the firm & every single conv cost loads!! I got really sick of it & moaned like mad!

But ..... Having said this, my sols tied up th Consent Order so well it has really (& I mean really) helped me, the pob was that my x took so long & dragged everything out which cost me more due to chasing him. Thus the bills went up.

It was a lot of money in the end but worth it for the end result. I would say though, use the forum, use the courts etc etc rather than going to your sols 1st to save cost. Also don''t do what I did & spend loads writing to x via sols (at x''s request) chasing x to se kids, to sort out little bits cos its not worth the money in the end & x''s relationship with kids is very much x''s problems & not for me (us) to solve.


  • yellowrose
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03 Jun 12 #334893 by yellowrose
Reply from yellowrose
I spent £5,000 on mine and basically ended up with an incomlete form E (his). Not her fault. His. He was obstructive in the xtreme and pushed costs up exponentially. I am now going alone although plan to seek advice from he rwhen full financial disclosure known. If I could live with her I think I would never worry again - she is very good and very confident.

Hope to keep costs down as much as possible but if the necessary would re-employ her again.

  • dukey
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  • Moderator
03 Jun 12 #334899 by dukey
Reply from dukey
Many find the wiki line helpful and it''s free, if you agree the divorce again wiki offer a service for £179 £279 with a consent order.

Many don''t know wiki also offer fixed price services if you do need to go to court for the money part, it''s worth comparing prices, the other mistake some make is using a solicitor that may deal with court for financial applications once in a blue moon, not wise, you need a solicitor with experience who deals with these applications day in day out.

  • redwine47
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03 Jun 12 #334901 by redwine47
Reply from redwine47
My previous solicitors costs where similar per hour although letters, phone calls not as expensive as yours but anyway I ended up running up costs totalling 10,000. very quickly and not much been done, shocking.

Since changed solicitors and on Legal aid (and will have to pay back cozts)... New sol not much better re efficiency etc in dealing with matters.

I ''m sure they are not all the same but be careful re running up costs.

If you are happy with service its up to you. But only change re recommendation as their can be delay and overlap with updating a new solicitor!

  • Crumpled
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03 Jun 12 #334904 by Crumpled
Reply from Crumpled
Hi a big thankyou to all of you I just wanted to check that it was about right the solicitor i am using is a partner who does this sort of thing all of the time ...i would describe her as a rotweiler but a really nice one,,
I think my stbx will use one of the top three london solicitors i cant remember which one it is that he uses for his business so i could quite easily be totally stuffed if im not careful!!

  • Fiona
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03 Jun 12 #334905 by Fiona
Reply from Fiona
Breaking down into 6 min units is the standard practice. The courts'' current guidelines for reasonable solicitors'' hourly rates range between £150-£400 depending upon experience and location. However, the hourly rates are only a rough guideline. An experienced solicitor might have a higher hourly rate but work more efficiently so the overall costs are less.

There are a few hints for keeping costs down. Do some research and keep focused on the issues so that you understand and keep communication to a minimum. Resist any temptation to use your solicitor as a counsellor. Collect any documents yourself and organise them in files so they can be produced when required in timely manner. Unless it''s very urgent keep a note of any problems as they arise and deal with several at once rather than emailing or phoning about each one separately. When you speak to a solicitor make a list of questions to ask so you don''t forget and to help you stick to the points.

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