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Write up and publish divorce story

  • Pink Flamingo
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09 Oct 12 #360078 by Pink Flamingo
Topic started by Pink Flamingo
Has anyone on this site ever written up and published their divorce story/ journey? I am thinking about writing mine as I have kept notes throughout the process and the unfairness, lies, conning and cheating that have gone on. It is a good story and the other woman in the divorce is a writer and I would like to expose her complicity in the whole unfair process. I know some journalists who could help me with it. Would a self published book or newspaper be interested? I also have some explicit photos he left on my computer of her.
Any thoughts/comments please?

  • soulruler
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09 Oct 12 #360095 by soulruler
Reply from soulruler
You can blog on here which is sometimes what the admistrators on this site have suggested and I have thought about.

No one apart from those who have been through it are interested in the tearing apart emotionally and finacially that divorce brings on; difficult but you do not have any story (unless you are really totally special) that anyone - let alone a court - which definitely will not be interested into - a story.

Walk talk and realise you are not on your own.

  • mez
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09 Oct 12 #360096 by mez
Reply from mez
I am going to write up the notes from my experiences post-divorce, selling up & starting over from scratch,etc.
No idea about how to get it looked at once it''s done though.
My punctuation is not good so I expect it wouldn''t get looked at by a proper literary agent and I couldn''t afford to self-publish.

I would advise you to delete the pics you mention, you won''t be allowed to publish them in a book!

  • LittleMrMike
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09 Oct 12 #360109 by LittleMrMike
Reply from LittleMrMike
Well, Pink Flamingo, I did write a divorce short story a few years ago, but it was intended for the Wikizine, and it was completely and totally fictional.

It was loosely based of Gilbert and Sullivan''s The Yeomen of the Guard where the '' hero '' Colonel Fairfax, is under sentence of death on a trumped up charge brought against him by a malicious relative who stands to inherit his estate if he dies unmarried. The Colonel dreams up the idea of getting married in the last hour before his execution for the specific purpose of cutting across his accuser''s intentions. Since his execution is imminent, his '' bride '' gets 100 crowns for one hour of matrimony. But he is unaware that some friends are planning to facilitate his escape - - -

In my story, an amateur G and S Society are performing the opera and the man who plays the part of the Colonel has just had an order for SM slapped on him. In real life he is an insolvency accountant and get the idea from the opera of a sham marriage to dispose of the SM order. He knows a man who is going hopelessly bankrupt, in desperate need of cash, but who, for the time being, still retains his house and expensive car, and offers him a substantial sum if he can persuade his ex to marry him - and since the man hasn''t got two pennies to rub together, he has no assets or income that his ex could '' get at ''.

That''s as much as I''ll say. I never published it, but I still have it, so if anyone is interested, well you have but to ask.


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