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Settlement help

  • HJHowe
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2 months 3 weeks ago #514931 by HJHowe
Settlement help was created by HJHowe
I’m hoping for some help.
Married 19 years
Children 15&17
Wife - unable to work due to ill health
Husband - earns £55k per year
House equity £60k
Father pays maintenance, doesn’t see children (his choice)
Husband £800k pension CETV
Wife £270k pension CETV
Wife (me) buying shared ownership £100k (full equity plus gift from husband)
Husband took £120k from pension (he’s 55), I am 52.
He won’t negotiate anything other than the £100k for a shared ownership. Is this fair? I haven’t worked whole length of marriage (wasn’t allowed, then became ill)
Costs for solicitor are spiralling, had first court appearance but to progress need pension actuary (£1000 each), and then solicitor costs for next hearing. Financially I’m struggling. If I’m not likely to be awarded anything else then I’m debating whether to walk away.
He doesn’t need to buy a home as he lives with his girlfriend, but has lied on his form E (I can’t legally prove it, and his father is lying for him). I’ve lost the fight in me, financial control for years, do I give up and accept what I’ve got?

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  • wikivorce team
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2 months 3 weeks ago #514997 by wikivorce team
Replied by wikivorce team on topic Settlement help
Based on:
- the long marriage
- the big disparity in pensions
- the big disparity in income
an offer which ignores the pensions and ignores your income needs is woefully inadequate.

I suspect that you will be awarded substantially more than he seems to be willing to offer. Of course this view is based on the very incomplete info you have provided here - so should not be relied upon. Your actual legal entitlement could be verified by getting an assessment done such as this one:

Walking away from the process now is likely to be a decision you will regret in the years to come.

You can stick with the court process without incurring any more solicitor costs.

For example - Our Divorce Consultant service would enable you to continue the court fight and get to the final agreement for a cost of a few hundred pounds (rather than the thousands in solictor fees):

I would recommend you call our helpline to discuss this matter.

You have a big decision to make regarding how much more to spend on this court battle vs whether you will gain more than he is offering.

Based again on the limited info in your post - it seems very likely that you could get a deal that is much better than he is offering without spending too much more on your case. In short - I wouldn't give up now if I were you.

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